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2023 Loved Ones – S

SabbenJohn (Jack) & Hilda Sabben
SambrookBernard Sambrook – A beautiful Dad. Love & miss you always
SambrookEllen Sambrook – A wonderful Aunty to us all. We miss you xxx
SambrookUte Sambrook – A wonderful Mum & Nan, always loved & forever missed xxx
SamuelRobert Samuel
SamuelsRyker Quinn Samuels
SamwaysStacey Louise Samways – Sending heavenly Christmas wishes Baby Girl xx
SandersLilian Sanders
SandersSelwyn Sanders – Selwyn
SankeyAlice Sankey – Eternal love xx
SankeyAlice & Bill Sankey – Dearly loved & greatly missed
SankeyJim Sankey – Eternal love xx
SankeyJohn Sankey
SankeyKeith Sankey
SankeyLinda Sankey
SankeyMervyn Sankey
SankeyPhyllis Sankey
SansMarion Sans
SansWilliam Sans – Bill
SarbuttAlec Sarbutt
SarbuttDaisy Sarbutt
SargentBrian Sargent – Will Never Forget These 3 Guys
SargentDennis Sargent – Will Never Forget These 3 Guys
SargentEddie Sargent – Will Never Forget These 3 Guys
SaundersEveline Saunders – Evie
SavageBaden Savage – Always thinking of you. Love Pearl.
SavageBaden Savage
SayerColin Sayer
SayerPeggy Sayer
Schmidt-GoldsberryParker Schmidt-Goldsberry – Never forgotten
SchneidGwen & Ady Schneid
SchutteAnn Schutte – Mom, Nan, Wife. Loved & missed so much
ScottJim & Louisa Scott – Remembered with Love
SeabrookNicky Seabrook – Beloved sister
SeabyGeoff Seaby
SeagerAndrew Richard Seager – Soggy
SeagerLouis Seager
SeagerMarlene Seager
SeagerMornington Stafford Seager – Morny
SeallEileen Seall
SeawardMargaret Seaward – Love you always Auntie Margaret
SellarsGordon Sellars – In remembrance
SeniorAdrian Senior – Never forgotten
ShambleyBrett Shambley
ShambleyGib Shambley
ShambleyKit Shambley
ShanksPeter Shanks – Gramps
ShanksRobin Shanks – Uncle
SharmaHarum Sharma – Poppa
SharmaLynn Sharma – Nani
SharrodMichael Sharrod
ShawAnn Shaw – Forever remembered for her love of Christmas, love all the Shaw family
ShawHazel Shaw
ShawLesley Shaw – Loving Husband
ShawLesley Shaw – Loving Father and Grandad
ShawLesley Shaw – Loving Grandad
ShawLesley Shaw – Much Loved Great Grandad
ShawMark Shaw – (Magsy) Always in our hearts x
ShawRichard Shaw
ShawSally Shaw
SheardGeorge Sheard – Dad
ShentonTakeeta Shenton – “Tee” Love you to the moon & back!
ShephardKeith Shephard – A treasured Husband, Dad & Grandad xxx
ShepherdMary Shepherd
ShepherdReg Shepherd
ShepherdTerry Shepherd – Shep
SheppardHenry Sheppard – Husband
SherrattBetty Sherratt
SherrattPercy Sherratt
SherwinTerry Sherwin
ShewardWes & Hilda Sheward
ShiltonCharles Shilton – Charlie
ShiltonMary Shilton
ShinglerPeter Shingler – Pete. STILL Miss You 
ShinnerGeoff Shinner – Papa Bear, loved & missed. X
ShinnerGeoffrey Shinner – Papa Bear. Miss you.
ShinnerSandra Shinner – Our beautiful Nanna Bear X
ShinnerSandra Shinner – Love & miss you everyday.
ShoreThomas Shore – Derek
ShoreWilliam (Bill) & Mary Shore
ShorterConstance Shorter – Connie. Always in our hearts
ShorterKevin Shorter – Always in our hearts
ShorterVincent Shorter – Ben. Always in our hearts
ShouliOsman Shouli
SidesRon & Nancy Sides
SimcockMadeline Simcock
SimmillAdrian Simmill – Dad & Uncle
SimmillAdrian Simmill – Ougley
SimmillTerry Simmill – Dad & Grandad
SimmillTerry Simmill – Mr. T
SimmondsGerald Simmonds – Dear Husband, Dad, Grandad
SimmonsDavid Simmons – Always in my heart
SimmonsDoreen Simmons
SimmonsFanny Simmons – Aunty
SimpsonAudrey Simpson
SimpsonFrank Simpson
SimpsonRalph Simpson
SimsMargaret Sims – Peggy
SinfieldThelma Sinfield – SEM
SkeldingVictor (Vic) Skelding – Dad & Grandad
Skeleton/ BowcuttJayne Skeleton/ Bowcutt – Miss you everyday
SkeltonConnie Skelton – Mom
SkeltonErnie Skelton – Dad
SkerrattSid Skerratt – Chinny Chin Chin
SkidmoreBill Skidmore – Dad Grandad
SkidmoreMuriel Skidmore – Mom Nan
SkittDenis Skitt – Elcox
SkittGeorge Skitt – Uncle George
SkittGlenys Skitt
SkittJade Skitt – Daughter Sister & Granddaughter
SkittMaurice Skitt – Husband, Dad, Grandad, love & missed always x
SlackBarbara Joyce Slack – Ever in our thoughts. Love Chris, John & Laura
SladdenAnnie Mair Sladden – Nain
SladdenJohn Cyril Sladden – Grandpa
SladeAlfred Slade – Grandad
SladeJean Slade – Grandma
SlaterRaymond Slater – Dad-We miss you
SleathMargaret Sleath – Our beautiful Mom
SlynnRoger Slynn
SmallEileen Joyce Small
SmallLeslie Small – Love you forever Superman xxxx
SmallRosemary Ann Small – Ann
SmallmanBetty Smallman
SmallmanBetty Smallman – Bet
SmallmanRoy Smallman – Roy
SmallmanSam Smallman
SmartEdgar Smart – Dear Parents & Grandparents. 
SmartMary Smart – Granny
SmartRoy Smart – Always thinking of you.
SmartViolet Smart – Same Together
SmithAmy & Ernest Smith
SmithAndrew Smith – Andy
SmithBob Smith – Another year gone by, Always in my heart. Love Pat xx
SmithDarren Smith – Always in our hearts, we miss you everyday X
SmithDavid Charles Smith – Remembering special times, always in our thoughts
SmithDouglas Smith – Dad, Grandad & Gt.Grandad
SmithEdward Norman Smith – Resting in the arms of Jesus
SmithElsie and Walter Smith – With love to you both from your family
SmithEva & Jack Smith – Mom & Dad, Love You
SmithFlorence May Smith – May
SmithGillian Smith – Miss you nan, love Jess
SmithHorace & Mary Smith – Dad, Mum, Grandpa, Nana, Gt Grandpa
SmithIda Smith – Mom
SmithIvy Smith – Mom, Nan & Great Nan
SmithJames Smith – Father, Love always
SmithLes & Kath Smith – Miss you both every day
SmithLeslie Smith
SmithMargaret Smith – Pip
SmithNige Smith
SmithPatricia Smith – Thanks for the memory
SmithPaul Smith – Loved and remembered forever from Hayley & Kids
SmithPercival Smith – Percy
SmithPeter & Lily Smith – Dad& Grandad. Mum,& Nan XX
SmithReg Smith – My hearts yours forever
SmithRobert Smith – We all miss you
SmithSheila Smith – Dear Friend
SmithSylvia Smith
SmithTiffany Smith – Daughter
SmithTiffany Smith – Granddaughter
SmithVictor Smith
SmithWesley Smith – Wes
SmithWilliam Smith – Bill
SmithermanCissie Smitherman – Always in my heart Xx
SmithermanJim Smitherman – Dad, never forgotten Xx
SmoutDerek Smout
SmoutRuby Smout
SmythLiz Smyth
SnailhamLiam Snailham
SnapeAlfred Snape – Fred
SokolovEirnie and Ellen Sokolov – Forever in our hearts
SorsbyColin Sorsby – Col
SorsbyColin Sorsby – Papa Sorsby
SOS  – Love Mom xxx
SouthallRuth Southall – Much loved & greatly missed Daughter
SouthcottBarbara Southcott
SouthcottGerald Southcott
SouthwickKen Southwick – Ken, a wonderful Husband
SpeedJean Speed – Forever in our hearts, Di, Andy, Jaymes, Danielle & Reggie
SpenceDeborah Ann Spence – Debbie
SpencerFred Spencer – Loving Husband, Dad & Grandad. Loved & missed everyday.
SpicerEric & Jean Spicer – Loved & missed
SprosonLoraine Sproson – Rowley
SquibbAnn Squibb – Gone but never forgotten
StackJohn Stack – Never forgotten. Forever loved
StandleyElla-Mae Standley – Forever & always our little angel
StandrinBert & Dot Standrin – Love & miss you, all your family
StanleyChris & Alf Stanley – Mum & Dad
StanleyKen Stanley
StarbuckGeorge Starbuck
StarbuckMargaret Starbuck – Wargy
StarrEmma Starr – Forever in our hearts. We love you.
StearsBrian Stears – Dear Brother
SteathamDylan Steatham – Always in our hearts.Missed so much
SteeleJoan Steele – Sister sadly missed
SteeleWilliam Steele – Bill
StephanDawn Stephan – In our hearts always
StephensBeatrice Stephens
StephensDawn Stephens – Forever in my heart & always by my side
StephensHorace Stephens
StephensKevin Stephens – Loved always
StephensOlando Stephens – Roly
StephensPatricia Stephens – Pat
StephensonVicki Stephenson – Taken too soon. Loved by all
StevensFlorence Stevens – Auntie Flo – Love & miss you xxx
StevensJohn Stevens
StevensSid Stevens
SteventonEvelyn Steventon – Loved &remembered forever
SteventonJohn Steventon – With us always
SteventonReginald Steventon – Loved & remembered forever
StewartMorag Stewart – Sister & Auntie
StobaAnthony  Stoba – Stobie
StockMark Stock – Rest peacefully
StokesHarry & Kathleen Stokes – Always in our hearts
StokesLilian Stokes – Mom
StoreyBet Storey – Bet
StricklandRose Strickland – Not long left us but really missed
StringerGeoff Stringer – Forever with us Dad
StringerLisa Marie Stringer – Always with us Daughter
StringerMr Geoffrey John Stringer – Geoff always in our hearts, best Dad & Grandad ever, gone but never forgotten xx
StringerStephanie Louise Stringer – Steph always in our hearts, gone but never forgotten xx
StringerSylvia & Tony Stringer
StringfellowBarbara Stringfellow – Your sparkle is forever with us x
StringfellowJohn Stringfellow – Always in our hearts x
StuartColin Stuart – Forever in our hearts
StuartJoyce Stuart – Forever in our hearts
SturrockFullerton Sturrock – Jock
SummersJune Summers – Mom. Never far from our thoughts & always in our hearts. Love & miss you loads xx
SummersRay Summers – Dad, wish you could be here at Xmas, love & miss you loads xx
SummersSuzanne Summers – Susie
SumnallAlbert & Frances Sumnall – Nobby & Fran
SumnallDorris Sumnall
SumnallErnie Sumnall
SumnallJim Sumnall – Much Loved
SumnallWilliam Sumnall
SunertonPhilip Sunerton – Loved & remembered always
SutherlandDonald Sutherland – Jock
SutherlandNeil Alexander Sutherland – Son
SwainAlan Swain – Chico
SwainBeaty Swain – Nan & Big Nan
SweeneyPatrick & Joyce Sweeney – Beloved Parents
SweeneyTerry Sweeney – Loved Brother
SwiftPhyllis Swift
SwintonRalph Lewis Swinton – Always in our hearts x x
SykesAda Sykes – Mum, Miss You Too
SykesEddie Sykes – Dad, Miss You
SylvesterFrancis Sylvester – Dad/Grandad
SylvesterMargaret Sylvester – Mum/Nan
SzehofnerJoe Szehofner – Loved Dad & Grandad
SzehofnerMaria Szehofner – Loved Mum Nan & Great Nan
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