Telford Tree of Light

Who Runs It

The Telford Tree of Light is run by Rotarians drawn from the four Rotary Clubs in Telford overseen by the trustees.

The team makes the decisions on behalf of the members of the four Rotary Clubs, to make all the necessary arrangements, and to ensure that the whole operation runs smoothly and in accordance with the wishes of the members of the four clubs.

This team also processes the applications for sponsorship, prepares the lists of the names for publication in the Telford Journal and for display around the Tree in Telford Centre, the offices of Tranter Lowe in Oakengates, Hadley Learning Community, the Orbit Wellington and on this website.

Nine Trustees comprising the Treasurer and two trustees nominated by each of the our clubs, oversee the work of the operating team. 

The concept of the Tree of Light was introduced to Shropshire from South Africa in the 1990’s by Rev Paul Firman a member of Shawbury and Mid-Shropshire Rotary Club.

Telford Centre
The Wrekin

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