Telford Tree of Light

2023 Loved Ones – C

CadmanAlfred Cadman – Fred
CadmanDianne Cadman – Granny Di’
CadmanGwendoline Cadman – Gwen
CadmanJanet & Fred Cadman
CaffertyMikey Cafferty
CalderIan Calder – Nephew
CaldwellLizzie Caldwell – Cousin 
CallaghanAlf Callaghan
CallearNigel Callear
CalvertAntony Calvert – Dad
CalvertDavid Calvert – Brother
CameronSarah Cameron – Mum & Granny
CampionPat & Brian Campion – Mum & Dad
CantrellPauline Cantrell
CantwellRon & Beryl Cantwell
CapellTerry Capell
CareyAnna Costin Carey – Loved & missed by who ever knew her
CareyCatherine Carey – Nan
CareyJohn Carey – Grandad
CareyMichael Carey – Dad
CarlileAgnes Carlile – A much loved Mum & Grandmother
CarlileDavid Carlile – Loving Husband & Father
CarlineDerek & Shirley Carline – Loving Dad,Gramps,Mom,Nanny
CarlineGeorge Carline
CarlineLilly Carline – Mom,Grandma,Great Grandma
CarlinePaul Carline – Loving Brother, Dad & Uncle x
CarlineSheila & Stanley Carline – Never far from our thoughts x
CarlsonMaureen Carlson
CarpenterAnn & Bill Carpenter
CarpenterRodney James Carpenter – Always in our hearts
CarrBetty Carr – Mom/Nan Merry Christmas, love you x
CarrBetty Carr – Special Mum, missed so very much
CarrBetty Carr – Special Nan – Missed so much
CarrDerek Carr – Dad/Grandad Merry Christmas, love you x
CarrDerek Carr – Special Dad & Grandad
CarrHarold Carr
CarrJune Carr
CarrMick Carr – Missed
CarrMick Carr – Dearly missed Husband, Dad, Friend & loved Family member
CarrPauline Carr – Missing you
CarrSydney Carr – Syd – Brother
CarringtonBaby Carrington – Mummy & Daddy miss you always. Merry Christmas Baby
CarringtonFred & Phyllis Carrington
CarringtonGerald Carrington – “Jess”
CarringtonRoy Carrington
CarringtonSandra Carrington
CarringtonSandra & Roy Carrington
CarterAlbert Carter
CarterAndrew Carter – Andy
CarterArthur Carter
CarterColin Carter – Dave
CarterRuby Carter
CarterSimon Carter
CarterSue Carter – Mom/Wife/Nanny Truly missed
CarterWilliam Carter – Bill+C361
CartledgePaul Cartledge – Cart
CartwrightAlbert Cartwright – AHC “Bert”
CartwrightBeryl & Charles Cartwright – Mum & Dad
CartwrightDorothy Cartwright – Miss you Mom, Nan & Great Nan
CartwrightGeorge Henry Cartwright – Father
CartwrightGerald Cartwright
CartwrightGerald Cartwright – Husband 
CartwrightMargery Cartwright
CartwrightMick Cartwright – Precious Dad
CartwrightOlive Cartwright – Mother
CartwrightPaul Cartwright
CartwrightPaul Cartwright – Son
CarvellAlan Carvell – In memory
CarvellJean Carvell – Loved & remembered
CarverCharles Edward Carver
CaseHubert Jeffrey Case – Jeff
CashAndrew Cash – Much loved husband & Dad
CashJanet Cash – Sister
CashmorePeter Cashmore – Buff
CassidyJoseph & Annie Cassidy – Love you always
CaswellBruce Caswell – Grandad
CaswellGary Caswell – Uncle Gazzer
CaswellJohn Caswell
CaswellMary Caswell
CaswellSandy Caswell – Very dear Friend
CaswellSandy Caswell – Beloved wife
CattSophia Catt
CauserJoan Causer – Sister xx
CausierJoan Causier – Nee Smith
CaustonDennis Causton
CavanaghElise Jade Cavanagh – Grandaughter
ChadwickFrank Chadwick – Husband & Brother
ChallonerAlf & Betty Challoner
ChambersClare Chambers
ChambersDerek Chambers
ChambersRuby Chambers – Mom Nan Gt Grandma & Gt Gt Grandma
ChantlerMichael Chantler – Mick. Loved & sadly missed Husband, Dad & Grandad xxxx
ChapmanBill and Gwen Chapman – Mom & Dad
ChapmanDorothy Chapman – Love you always.
ChapmanEddie Chapman – Love you always.
ChapmanJohn Chapman – Never Forgotten
ChapmanMick Chapman – Twin
ChappleDarren Chapple – Father of mine x
CharlesVera & Harry Charles – Mum & Dad
ChatfieldJoyce Chatfield
ChatfieldRex Chatfield
ChatfieldRobert Chatfield – Rob
ChatterBrian Chatter
ChebseyDavid Chebsey – Husband
CheckleyBeryl, Flora & Gillian Checkley – Sisters
CheckleyBill & Alice Checkley – Mom & Dad
CherringtonMarie Cherrington
CheshireChloe Cheshire
CheshireGail Cheshire – Wife
CheshireHarold Cheshire – Jim (Dad)
ChetwoodGary Chetwood
ChildsBetty Childs
ChildsCis Childs
ChildsGeorge Childs – Loving Father,Grandad
ChildsJohn Childs – Dad
ChildsLilian Childs – Loving Mother Gmother GtGmother
ChinnLucy Chinn – Flo
ChinnWalter Chinn – Wally
ChurmCarol Churm – Cal
ChurmCarol Churm – Treasured memories of our beautiful Mom, Wife & Nan
ChurmCarol Churm – Sister. Miss You Always
ChurmClifford Churm – Dad & Sam
ChurmConnie Churm
ChurmGavin Churm – Gav
ChurmRon Churm
ClairMummy Clair – Miss ya. X
Clapham-ElsonBilly Clapham-Elson
ClarenceChris Clarence – A Much Loved Son in law
ClarenceChris Clarence – Always remembered as one brave man dear Chris.
ClarkAvis & Graham Clark – Friends & Neighbours
ClarkJonathan Clark
ClarkPercy Clark – Nobby
ClarkPeter Clark
ClarkTony Clark – Husband
ClarkTony Clark – Dad
ClarkeAlbert Clarke
ClarkeEileen Clarke
ClarkeEnid Clarke
ClarkeGeorge Clarke
ClarkeIris Clarke
ClarkeIris Clarke – Mom you are always in my heart 
ClarkeRose & Joe Clarke
ClarkeTom & Phyllis Clarke
ClarkeTrevor Gordon Clarke
ClaytonKen Clayton – Love you always
ClearyPeter Cleary – Dad, Grandad
ClearyTeresa Cleary – Mum, Nan
CleaverRosa Cleaver – Nan
ClementsJoan Clements
ClementsReg Clements
ClempsonPhilip Clempson – Missed so much every day x
CliffordPeter Clifford
ClintonGerald Clinton – Jerry
ClokeGladys Cloke – God bless you
ClokeRoy Cloke – Missed so much, never forgotten
ClowesMaurice & Iris Clowes
ClyneDavid Clyne – miss you loads
ClyneGladys Clyne – Miss you loads
CoatesRosie Coates – Our best friend
ColbyEdward Colby – Ted
ColeCharles Victor Cole – Vic
ColeGladys Cole
ColebournRoger Colebourn – Always remembered, never forgotten
ColemanLes Coleman – Husband to Ann & Dad to Mark, much loved from Boo Boo
ColesGary Coles – Garf
ColesJohn Coles – Dad
ColesRita Coles
ColesRobert Coles
ColesTracey Coles
ColleyAlbert Colley
ColleyDerek Colley – Brother & Uncle
ColleyJoyce & Charles Colley – Grandma & Grandad
ColleyMichelle Colley – Mum, Daughter, Sister & Aunty, in our hearts, never forgotten
ColleyPat Colley – Wife, Mum, Nan, Gt-Nanny, ever in our hearts, never forgotten
ColleyPat Colley – Missed Friend
ColleyPaul Colley – Forever loved
CollinghamViolet & Alf Collingham – Jinks
CollinsJohn Collins – Husband, Dad & Grandad
CollinsJohn Henry Collins
CollinsMary Frances Collins
CollinsSarah Collins – Daughter in law & Mum
CollinsStan Collins – Stan the man
CollumbellVicky Collumbell – Love & miss you always x
ColyerAlice Colyer – Beautiful caring Gran xx
CondonYvonne Condon – Fondly remembered
ConleyNicholas Conley
ConleySandra Conley
CooilPeter Cooil – Loved & Missed 
CookElaine Cook – Ellie
CookSandra Cook – Sandie
CookWilliam Cook – Bill
CookeElizabeth Cooke – Liz – Mom
CookePeter Cooke
CookeVictor Cooke – Vic – Dad
CooperBrian Cooper
CooperDaphne Cooper – Always in our hearts
CooperDiane & Peter Cooper – Wonderful Friends
CooperGerald Cooper – God Bless Gerald xx
CooperLilian Cooper
CooperNeville Cooper – Always in our thoughts. Val & Antony
CopeClaire Cope
CopeRon Cope
CoppageTerry Coppage – Love you always
CorbettBarbara Corbett – Love you always.
CorbettBarry John Corbett – Forever in our hearts
CorbettBob & Nellie Corbett
CorbettBrett Corbett – Brother, we miss you, Rhi & Cin
CorbettDavid Corbett – Friend
CorbettGeorge and Hilda Corbett – Nan & Grandad
CorbettMichael Corbett – Love you always.
CorbettRobert Corbett – Rob
CorbishleyGladys & Horrace Corbishley – Nan & Grandad
CorbishleyJane Corbishley – Mom & Nan
CorbishleyReginald Corbishley – Dad & Grandad
CorfieldPatricia Corfield – (Pat) Loving Sister, Mom & Auntie
CorkDavid Cork – Brother
CorkGeorge Cork – Wonderful Grandad
CorkMargaret Cork – Wonderful Nan
CorleyJohn Corley
CorleyTeresa Corley
CornesColin Cornes
CornforthLeo-Jay Cornforth – Merry Xmas, lots of love-Family
CorrallDennis Corrall
CorriganMargaret Corrigan – Mags.
CottamLily Cottam – Sister & Auntie
CotterillErnest Cotterill
CottonAlbert Cotton
CottonEthel Cotton
CottonPatricia Mary Cotton – Our lovely Mom xxx
CoulbeckKen and Rene Coulbeck – Sadly missed but always loved x
CourtenBernie Courten
CourtenCliff Courten
CourtenMargaret Courten
CowensFamily Cowens
CoxHerbert Cox – Missing You Like Crazy
CoxWilliam (Bill) Cox – Dad, Gramps
CoxWinifred (Winn) Cox – Mum, Nan
CoxillGeorge Coxill – Brother
CoxillMargaret Coxill – Mum
CoyneBernard Coyne – Merry Christmas Graggs
CraigJim & Vera Craig – Always in our hearts
CraigPeter Craig – Loved & missed Dad
Craig PhillipsMichael Craig Phillips – No words can express how much we miss you Son, always in our thoughts…
CraigeScott Craige – Nephew
CraneCyril & Joyce Crane
CraneTrevor Crane – Trev
CrawleyKenneth Crawley – Ken
CresswellFred Cresswell – Always remembered & loved xx
CroftsSandra Crofts – We love you Mum
CromieDamian Cromie – Forever in our hearts
CrookesJean Mary Crookes
CrossDouglas Cross – Forever in our hearts, love & miss you
CrossWayne Cross – Wozza
CrosslandColin Crossland
CroudaceJohn Croudace – Cherished Dad loved & missed
CroudaceMargaret Croudace – Cherished Mom loved & missed
CruiseEmily & John(Jack) Cruise – Dear Parents & Grandparents
CrutchleyBill & Nancy Crutchley
CsernikovicsClaudio Csernikovics
CsernikovicsIstvan Csernikovics – Steve
Cunningham-SalmonMarjorie Cunningham-Salmon – Miss You Mum 
CuretonAlfie Cureton
CuretonMarion Cureton
CuretonPaul Cureton
CuretonThomas Cureton – Tom
CurryMartin Curry – Dad, Grandad
CurtisAnnie & Charlie Curtis – Mom & Dad re-united
CurtisDoreen Curtis – Sister in Law
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