Telford Tree of Light

2020 Loved Ones P

PackmanGeorgena Packman
PackmanHerbert Packman – Bert
PackwoodRene & Bill Packwood – Mom, Dad & Grandparents
PaddockBrian Paddock
PaddockEvelyn Paddock – Together forever with Brian paddock
PaddockKathleen Paddock – Loved and missed dearly
PadmoreElsie May Padmore
PadmoreHarry Padmore
PageJohn Page – Jack
PagetArthur Paget – Husband
PagettBernard Pagett – Pops
PagettHilda Pagett – Tilly
PagettTony Pagett
PaineJohn Thurston Paine
PalinAlan Palin
PalinAnn & Peter Palin – Mom & Dad
PalmerAlice Palmer – Mum
PalmerAlva Palmer
PalmerDerek Palmer – Father
PalmerLeonard & Doreen Palmer – Len & Doe
PanasiukStef Panasiuk – Steve
PaniotouIrene Paniotou – Dinah
PanterJohn Panter – Loved & Missed Always
PardoeRay Pardoe – Golf Extraordinaire
Park FamilyScotland Park Family
ParkerArthur Parker
ParkerJohn Parker – Dad
ParkerMark Parker – Son
ParkerMichael Parker – Thinking of you always Ann & Emma 
ParkerRobert & Len Parker – Dear Friends
ParkerSue Parker – Wife, Mom, Sister
ParkerVirginia Parker – Ginny
Parker O.B.E.Keith  John Parker O.B.E. – Always in Our Hearts-The Family
Parker-StathamSian Parker-Statham
ParkesCyril Parkes – Loved & missed always
ParkesIda Parkes – Forever missed,loved & cherished
ParkesKevin Parkes – Always in our thoughts xx
ParkesKevin Parkes – Rest In Peace. Mum, Sara, Karon & Nicky XXXX
ParnellEdith Parnell
ParrBill Parr – Brother of Margaret
ParryElsie Parry – Mom
ParryGert & Fred Parry – Gran & Grandad
ParryJohn Parry – Much loved husband, dad, grandad and great grandad xxx
ParryMargret & Roger Parry – Mum & Dad
ParslowSue Parslow – S.I.L.Y.
ParsonsDave Parsons
ParsonsDavid John Parsons – Merry Christmas miss you lots xx
ParsonsMicky Parsons – Loving Dad & Grandad
ParsonsRaymond Parsons – Beloved Husband, Dad & Grandad
PartlowMargaret & Stanley Partlow – Loved & missed Mum & Dad
PartonAlan Parton – A much loved brother
PartonCecil Parton – Ted
PartonDerek George Parton
PartonFred & Nancy Parton – Loved Always
PartonPeter Parton – In memory of a dear Husband, Father, Grandad and Great-Grandad
PartonRon Parton – A much loved brother
PartonWilliam Parton – Bill – Never forgotten
PascallCliff Pascall – Loving husband, father and grandfather
PascallNigel Pascall – Miss you everyday and always in our hearts
PassGerald Charles Robert Pass – Father Husband Grandad & Gt Grandad
PatersonCharles & Elizabeth Paterson – Charlie & Betty
PatonEmma Louise Paton – Daughter
PattersonErnest & Amelia Patterson – Ernie & Millie
Payne“Bert” Payne – A Much Loved Dad & Grandad
PayneBert Payne – A very dear Husband,Dad & Grandad
PayneGertrude Payne – Gertie
PayneKenneth George Payne – Dad, love Graham x
PayneRaymond Payne – Ray
PayneViolet & Ron Payne
PeaceArnold & Beatrice Peace
PeaceVal Peace – Loving Wife, Mom & Nan
PeachLinda Peach – Much missed wife mum and nanny to Tony Gemma Ros Austin Darcey & Poppy-Jo
PeachLinda Peach – Past President of The Rotary Club of Telford Centre
PeakeFrederick Peake – Eric SNR
PeakeMargaret Peake – Mom. Love always
PearceBrenda Mary Pearce – Miss you Mum
PearceDavid Pearce
PearceErnest Pearce – Uncle
PearceFrances Pearce – Aunty
PearceHarry Pearce
PearceStephen Pearce
PearceTommy Pearce
PearceTony Pearce – Miss you dad
PearsonBarbara Pearson – Mum,Grandma & Great Grandma
PearsonGeoffrey Noel Pearson
PearsonKen Pearson – Dad,Grandad & Great Grandad
PeartFlorence Peart – Titch’
PeartHarold Peart – ‘Chief’
PeateWillie Peate
PeelElsie Peel
PeggeJohn Pegge – Loved & missed forever
PendletonHenry  Pendleton
PendletonMaisie Pendleton
PenfoldDavid Penfold – Always in our hearts
PensonDoris Penson
PercivalDecima Percival – Delcie
PerkinsChris Perkins
PerkinsJoyce Parkins – Pat
PerksAlan Perks – Brother
PerksJohn Perks – Dad,Grandad & Great Grandad
PerksJohn Perks – With all our love
PerksSusan Perks – Sue
PerksViolet Perks – Mother 
PerksWalter Perks – Dad
PerryClifford Perry – Cliff
PerryEdith Perry – Mum
PerryEva & Bill Perry – Much loved Mum & Dad
PerryJoseph Clement Perry – Loving dad and grandad
PerryKathleen Joan Perry – Loving mom and nan
PerryNorman Perry – Dear Friend
PerryNorman Perry – Hello Again, Hello
PerryRoger Perry – Rog
PerryTom Perry – Dad
PetersenShirley Petersen
PetrykMargaret Petryk – Love always Mom I miss you so much XXX
PetrykMike Petryk – Love always Dad I miss you so much XXX
PhaiseyJohn Phaisey – Jack
PhebyBri  Pheby – Lots of Love
PhebyBrian Pheby – Love and Miss You
PhebyBrian Pheby – Miss You More Each Day
PhebyDad Pheby – Miss you Mr Grumpy
PhillipsBernard Phillips – Bert
PhillipsBrian Phillips – Dear Husband,Dad,Grandad&Gt Grandad
PhillipsDora Phillips
PhillipsGeorge Phillips
PhillipsJason Phillips – Precious Grandson (Shining Star)
PhillipsMarion Phillips – Mum
PhillipsMichael Phillips – Gone, yet not forgotten; Although we are apart, Your spirit lives within us, Forever in our hearts. Love Mum & Dad…xxx
PhillipsPeter Phillips – Dad
PhilpottsJean & Dennis Philpotts – Sister & Brother in Law
PhoenixMichael Phoenix
PhoenixVera Phoenix
PickardMichael Pickard
PickavanceKeith Pickavance
PickavanceRoy Pickavance
PickenJohn & Muriel Picken
PickenMaurice Picken – Love You Forever
PickeringDoreen & Fred Pickering
PickeringEmily & Wilfred Pickering
PickeringEric & Violet Pickering
PickeringErnest Pickering – Ernie
PickeringJack Pickering – Dad & Grandad
PickeringOlwyn Pickering – Mom & Nan
PidgeonEvelyn Doreen Pidgeon – Doreen
PidgeonMaggie & William Pidgeon – Always remembered
PierceAlan Percy Pierce
PierceElizabeth Pierce
PierceGertrude Pierce
PiercePercy Pierce
PierceSally  Pierce
Pierce-JohnsonJosh Pierce-Johnson
PierpointJohn Pierpoint – Husband & Dad
PierpointPhyllis & Cecil Pierpoint – Nan & Grandad
PikeDarren Pike – Dear Brother &Uncle
PikeDarren Pike – Son, Brother & Uncle
PikeDennis Pike – Husband, Dad, GranDad, Gt GranDad
PikeIsabell Pike – Granddaughter, Niece, We will always love you xx
PikeNoel Pike
PincherGeorge Pincher – Special Friend
PinnDerek Pinn
PinnMargaret Pinn – Mum / Meg
PipeRobert Pipe
PitchfordDavid John Pitchford – Phantom
PitchfordEddy & Maurice Pitchford – Edna
PitchfordElsie May Pitchford – Nannie P Always in our Hearts xxx
PitchfordGordon Pitchford
PittFlossie & Stanley (Jack) Pitt
PlantAlfred Plant
PlantEdna & Bill Plant – Mum & Dad
PlantEdna Plant
PlantFrank  Plant – Forever in our Hearts
PlantJulie Ann Plant – Ethel
PlantMaud Plant – Forever in our Hearts
PlantReginald Plant – Len
PlantRuth Plant
PlantStephanie Plant
PlimmerHubert & Ethel Plimmer
PohlKay & George Pohl – Love Always, Wendy x
PoldenFrederick Polden
PoldenPhyllis Polden
PomeroyBrenda Pomeroy – Nan
PomeroyFred Pomeroy
PookBrian Pook
PooleAlan Poole
PooleAlbert & Edith Poole – Grandad & Grandma
PooleCharles Poole – Charlie
PooleDoris Poole
PooleGeorge & Cicely Poole – God Bless Dad & Mom
PooleMabel Poole
PoolerErnald Pooler – A dear brother
PoolerGordon Pooler – Miss you terribly, Love forever, Mary & Family
PoolerMuriel & Bill Pooler – Dearest Mom & Dad
PorteousJames Porteous – Jim
PorterDavid Porter – Dave
PorterHarry & Ellen Porter
PostansBrenda & George Postans – Auntie & Uncle
PotterAlan Potter
PotterDennis Potter
PottsAlbert  Potts
PottsAnnie Potts – Mom & Nan
PottsDaniel Potts – Pottsy,Loved and Missed Always
PottsJohn Potts – Pops
PottsRose Potts – Nan
PoulterJean Poulter – Mom & Nan
PoundGlynn Pound – Much loved son. Left us too soon
PoveyVera & Christopher Povey
PowellAnnie Powell – Mum
PowellGeorge Powell – Dad
PowellGreta & Charlie Powell – x Dearly Missed x
PowellNeil Powell – Dad, Husband & Brother-in-Law
PowellPhillip  Powell
PowellPhillip Powell – Dearly missed brother.
PowerBernadette Power – Bernie
PowerCaroline Power
PowisDennis & Edna Powis
PrattFrederick John Pratt – Our dear Dad deeply loved and missed every day
PrattPaul Pratt
Pratt nee SinclairMargaret Rose Pratt nee Sinclair – Our beautiful Mum so dearly loved and deeply missed
PreeceBrian Preece
PreeceChristine Preece – Chris
PreeceEmma Preece – Our Very Dear Daughter. We Miss You
PriceAgnes Price – Mother,Grandmother,Gt.Grandmother
PriceAlan Price – Dad,Grandad,Gt.Grandad
PriceDavey & Ruby Price – Much Loved & missed. Stephen, Barry, Jim & families.
PriceErnest Price
PriceHarry Price
PriceJoan  Price
PriceJohn Price
PriceLes Price – Love and Miss You
PriceMargaret Price – Madge
PricePatricia Price – Pat
PricePaul Price
PriceRita Price
PriestInge Priest
PriestSean Priest – Love and miss you everyday
PriestleyGerald Priestley – Gerry
PriestleyGrace Priestley
PriestleyJohn Priestley
PriggMary Prigg
PrinceEdna Prince
PrinceMartin & Karen (Everett) Prince – Precious memories for always
PriorArthur Prior – Loved Uncle & Godfather
PriorGillian Prior – Much Loved Mum & Nan
PritchardAllan Pritchard
PritchardAmy Elizabeth Pritchard – Much missed Mum in law 
PritchardBrian Pritchard – “Sparky”
PritchardDi Pritchard – Happy Christmas Princess all our love xxx
PritchardGarry Pritchard – Dearly loved and missed
PritchardGeorge & Lucy Pritchard – Happy Christmas Mom, Dad
PritchardIan Thomas Pritchard – Loving Husband  All much missed.
PritchardLeah Pritchard
PritchardMargaret Ann Pritchard – Forever my queen. Missing you. xxxx
PritchardMargaret Ann Pritchard – Missing you mom xx love you always and forever
PritchardMartin Pritchard
PritchardMary Pritchard
PritchardMay Pritchard – Forever in our hearts
PritchardNorman Pritchard
PritchardRay Pritchard – Always in our thoughts
PritchardRaymond Pritchard
PritchardSamuel Pritchard – Much missed Pa in law 
PritchardShirley Ann Pritchard – Wife Mother Grandmother xxx
PritchardStuart Geoffrey Pritchard – Loving Son
PritchettLee Pritchett – Jud
PritchettMarian Pritchett
ProcterDoris Procter – Dot
ProcterLeslie Procter – Les
ProctorTony Proctor – of Lawley – forever loved
ProfettoAlfonsa (Flo) Profetto – Sleep tight xx
ProfettoVincenzo Profetto – Vince
ProsserWinifred & Albert Prosser – Winnie & Bert
ProtheroeJillian Protheroe – Jill
PryceHoward Pryce
PryceVaughan Pryce – Brother in Law
PughAlan Pugh – Loved Brother & Uncle
PughJoseph Pugh – Son & Brother
PughKelvin & Joan Pugh
PughLynn Pugh
PughWilliam Pugh – Bill
PughWilliam Pugh – Bill – Dad
PughWilliam Pugh – Bill(Dad)
PumfordBryan Pumford – In loving memory of my husband
PurcellAlfred Purcell – Alf
PurcellCarole Purcell
PurcellEvelyn Joyce Purcell
PurcellJohn Woodcock Purcell
PurcellMartha  Purcell – Nellie 
PursellJohn Pursell – Love You Always
PyattBill & Marg Pyatt – Dad & Mom
PyattPat & George Pyatt – Auntie & Uncle
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