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2023 Loved Ones – T

TaffinderGladys Taffinder
TaitJim Tait
TalbotDavid Talbot – Sadly missed this Christmas
TalbotGerald Talbot – Nipper. Never forgotten
TalbotMavis Talbot – Partner
TannerJean Tanner
TannerRobert Tanner – Bob
TarrHarry Tarr
TarrMargaret Tarr
TartHarold Tart – Algie
TaylorAlfie Taylor – T – Loads of love Mom & Dad x
TaylorAlfred Taylor – Alf
TaylorArthur Taylor
TaylorBarbara & Bill Taylor – Together always – love Neil & Anthea
TaylorBarry & Sandra Taylor – Sadly missed, remembered always
TaylorBen Taylor – Nephew
TaylorBenjamin Taylor – Son
TaylorBerenice Taylor – Berrie
TaylorBryan & Norma Taylor
TaylorBryan & Norma Taylor – Forever in our hearts xxxx
TaylorChris Taylor – Grandad (the moon)
TaylorChris Taylor – Dad (never forgotten)
TaylorChris Taylor – Great Grandad (the moon)
TaylorDarkie & Dave Taylor – Mum & Dad
TaylorErnie Taylor – Dad & Grandad Ernie
TaylorFlorence Taylor – Flo, Love from us all, Miss you
TaylorGerry Taylor – Sadly Missed
TaylorGraham Taylor – Dad
TaylorGwen Taylor – Mum & Grandma
TaylorHarry Taylor – Love & miss you so much
TaylorHarvey Taylor – Much Loved
TaylorHelena Taylor
TaylorJean Taylor
TaylorJohn Taylor
TaylorLeslie John Taylor
TaylorMargaret Taylor
TaylorMollie Taylor – Mollie
TaylorNigel Mark Taylor – Beloved Father & Grandad, until we meet again, we love you.
TaylorRon & Sheila Taylor
TaylorSusan J Taylor
TaylorTerry Taylor – Tel
TaylorValerie Ann Taylor – Val
TeaguePhilip Teague – Remembered with love
TeeceMark Teece – Always on my mind, loved forever, your Wife Julie
TelferWendy Telfer – Daughter in law
TesterAudrey Tester
TesterAudrey Tester – Loving Wife & Mum – we miss you
TewFrank & Minnie Tew – Mum & Dad
TewMinnie & Frank Tew – Mum & Dad
TheobaldKathleen Theobald
TheobaldStanley Theobald
ThomasAdrian Thomas
ThomasDennis & Joyce Thomas
ThomasDerek M. Thomas
ThomasEileen & Jim Thomas – Mom & Dad
ThomasIrene Thomas – Auntie Irene – love & miss you always
ThomasKen Thomas – Soulmates for ever R.I.P. xx Jilly
ThomasLucy & William Thomas – Grandparents
ThomasMarjorie Thomas
ThomasShirley Thomas
ThomasViolet Thomas – Vi. Forever in our hearts
Thomas MBEArthur Thomas MBE – Uncle Arthur – always in my heart
ThompsonAlf & Joan Thompson – From John, Tina & Sophie
ThompsonHetty Thompson – Henrietta
ThompsonIvy Thompson – Loving thoughts
ThompsonJames Thompson – Jim
ThompsonJonnie Thompson – John
ThompsonMichael Thompson – Sadly missed 
ThompsonMike Thompson
ThompsonPaul Thompson – From John, Tina & David
ThompsonPaul Thompson – From loving wife Maggs
ThompsonRon Thompson – “Rocket”
ThompsonRonald Thompson – Ron, we miss you
ThompsonVincent Thompson – Vince
ThomsonThomas Thomson – Tommy
ThriftEdward & Edna Thrift – Ted & Mum
TilsleyChristine Tilsley
TimminsCharles Timmins – Harry – a dear dad
TimminsCharles Timmins – A dear husband
TimminsDavid Timmins – Dave
TinklerBella Tinkler
TinklerCyril Tinkler
TinklerNorman Tinkler
TinklerPam Tinkler
TipladyColin Tiplady – GOLF
TippingAlan Tipping
TippingDoug & Gladys Tipping – Mum & Dad – missed always
TippingErnie Tipping – Love from us All
TiptonPaul Tipton – Missed by all
TisdaleIvy & Bill Tisdale
TitleyRonald Titley – Ron
TjiarrisChris & Ruby Tjiarris
ToddDerek & Marjorie Todd
TollMichael Toll
TomkinsonGeorge Tomkinson – Dode
TomkinsonGeorge Tomkinson – Dad
TomsettJohn Tomsett – Forever missing you – all the Family x
TonksBrenda Tonks – Love you Nan. Forever loved
TonksErnestine Emma Elizabeth Tonks – Ena
TonksHarold Tonks
TonksJames Tonks – ‘Jimmy’, well known accordionist from Dawley
TonksRaymond Tonks
TonksRobert Tonks – God bless you Grandad, forever loved
TonksVic Tonks – Grandad
TonksVictor Tonks – Loving Husband
ToozeAlan Tooze – We miss you so much Dad
ToppingNorma & Ken Topping – Mam & Dad missed everyday
TownsendColin Townsend – Miss you
TownsendMarjorie Townsend – Miss you
TranterAnnie & Fred Tranter – Both dearly remembered
TranterArthur and Dorothy Tranter – Remembered with love x
TranterFrances Tranter
TranterGraham Tranter – Beloved Husband & Dad
TranterHarold (H) Tranter – Gone but not forgotten
TranterHorace Tranter
TranterHoward Tranter – Bob
TranterJohn Tranter
TranterJoy, Ann Tranter
TranterLeonora Tranter – Lee
TranterLillian Veronica Tranter
TranterLouise Tranter
TranterMarie Tranter – Missed every day
TranterMelvin Tranter – Brother
TranterRebecca Tranter – Bett. Forever in our hearts
TranterRichard Tranter – Dick. Forever in our hearts
TranterRita Tranter – Sister in law
TranterRita Tranter – Always in our thoughts x
TranterThomas Tranter
TreleavenIris Treleaven – Mum, missed & loved, especially at this time of year
TreleavenMichael Treleaven – Dad, missed & loved, especially this time of year
TrevorPeter Trevor – Very much loved & missed Uncle
TrickettSue Trickett – Miss you
TrimJulia Trim – June, Julia, Mum Nan, Grandma
TrimTony Trim – Pops, Dad, Gramps, Grandad
TrinderSusan Trinder – Business Support Officer, Telford & Wrekin Council
TrinickAlfred Trinick – Dad
TrinickRebecca Trinick – Bessie, Mom
TrojakJustyna Trojak – No longer by our sides but always in our hearts X ️
TromansKeith Tromans
TrumperBrenda Trumper – Loving Mom.
TrumperEdith Trumper
TrumperHarry Trumper
TrumperJoyce Trumper – Loving Wife, Mum & Nan
TrumperVictor Trumper – Loving Husband, Dad & Grandad
TuckMary Tuck – nee Jones
TudorGareth Martin Tudor – Gareth Martin
TullMichael Tull – I am with you always
TullyRose & Tom Tully – Mom & Dad
TurnbullGilbert Turnbull – Tony
TurnbullGilbert Turnbull – Gil
TurnbullHarry Turnbull – Miss You
TurnbullLilian Turnbull – Beautiful Mum
TurnbullTina Turnbull – Tinneke
TurnbullVera Turnbull – Together again
TurnerBarbara Turner – Mom – loved & missed always xx
TurnerBeryl Turner – Mum
TurnerGareth Turner
TurnerGeorge Turner – Big T / Colonel
TurnerIan Turner – Dear Brother XXX
TurnerIrene Turner – Never forgotten
TurnerJean Turner
TurnerJim Turner – Miss you Jim. Love from Sue & Steve xx
TurnerJim Turner – Miss you more every day – love Glen
TurnerJim Turner – Dad, still miss you – loads Mick Sarah & Matthew
TurnerJoan Turner – Good Friend
TurnerJoan Turner – Forever missed
TurnerJohn Turner
TurnerJulie Turner
TurnerMabel & George Turner – Much loved Mom & Dad XXX
TurnerMary Turner
TurnerRichard William Turner
TurnerTerence Turner – Dad – loved & missed always xx
TwiggerCourtney Louise Twigger – Angel in the sky
TwyfordNorah & Samuel Twyford – Mom(Sarah) Dad (Sam)
TyassAda Tyass
TyassArthur Tyass
TylerPolly & Bill Tyler – Mom & Dad
TyrerElise Tyrer – Miss you always 
TyrerKen & Ben (Braggins) Tyrer – Ken – Husband, Ben – Grandson
TyrerPauline & Bert Tyrer – Dearly loved Mom & Dad
TyrerTed Tyrer – Miss you always
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