Telford Tree of Light

2023 Loved Ones – L

LaceyMargaret Lacey – Margaret
LaceyMarlene Lacey – Wife love Philip
LaceyMarlene Lacey – mom, Love Steve & Gail
LaingDon Laing – Thinking of you
LaingIvy Laing – Miss you
LaingJohn Laing – Miss you
LambBob Lamb
LambGordon Lamb – Husband, Father, Grandfather
LambHeather Lamb
LambMargaret Anne Lamb
LambPam Lamb
LambValerie Lamb
LampardGwen & Joseph (Joe) Lampard – Sadly missed
LamsdellGordon Lamsdell – Dad, Grandad & Gt Grandad
LamsdellRene Lamsdell – Mom, Nanny & Gt Nanny
LaneDanny Lane
LaneDonald Lane – Don
LaneDorothy May Lane – “Doris” Mom, Sister, Grandma & Aunty
LaneEdward Stanley Lane – “Stan”, Dad &  Grandad
LaneGeorge Lane
LaneHarry & Beatty Lane – Treasured Parents & Grandparents xxx
LaneJean Mary Lane – Miss You Mum. Now together with Dad
LaneLisa Lane – (Lib) Daughter, Wife, Mother and Sister
LaneLucy Lane
LaneMark Lane – Always remembered & loved. Thea & Family xx
LaneMegan Lane
LanePat & Dennis Lane – Auntie & Uncle
LangfordRob Langford – Forever in our hearts xxx
LangleyElsie Langley – Mum
LangleyWilfrid Langley – Dad
LarnerColin Larner – Sadly missed Love Rita & girls
LarnerColin Larner – Miss you always love from G/children&Gt.G/children
LathamCyril Latham
LathamDolly Latham
LathamHilda Latham – Wish you were here this Christmas. Love & miss you always
LathamSusan Latham – Sue – our dear mum
LathamSydney Latham – Syd
LavenderIrene & Dennis Lavender – Nan & Grandad
LawPhilip Law – Forever in our hearts & thoughts x
LawrenceGladys Lawrence
LawrenceSamuel Lawrence – Sam
LawriePeter Lawrie – Love always
LazicJoy Lazic – Beloved Mum, loved & missed always
LazicMiodrag Lazic – Dearly loved, always in our hearts
LeaGillian Lea – With all our love this Christmas & always. We miss you already xx
LeachBarbara June Leach – Barbara June
LeachDennis Leach – Dennis
LeachGenette Leach – Nettie, I miss you xxx
LeachGenette Terresa Leach – Bootsie, & Nettie. Never forgotten. Forever loved.
LeachJeannette Leach
LecouteurPeter Lecouteur – Missed Always
LeeAlan Charles Lee – Loving Husband Dad Grandad 
LeeBeryl Lee – Loving Wife Mum Grandma 
LeeMalcolm Lee – My loved and missed husband
LeekBrian Leek – Our Mr Bee’s Knees
LeekIrene Leek – Our Loving Nanny
LeeperMartin Leeper – I miss you every day
LeeperRita Leeper – I see you smiling at me
LeesClaire Lees
LeesEdith Lees
LeesJoseph Lees
LeesMark Lees
LeesSarah Anne Lees – Granny Anne. Always remembered with love & Baileys
LeggAntoinette Legg – Toni
LeggWilliam Legg – Bill
LeighTony Leigh – Miss you, Love you xxx
LeighTony Leigh – Always in our hearts love Chris & Helen
LesterJohn Lester – Bootneck
LesterKeith Lester – Beloved Dad/Grandad loved & missed every day.
LesueurJoan Lesueur
LewisArthur Lewis – Dad
LewisBeryl Lewis – Special Nan – Missed so much
LewisBeryl Lewis – Nan/Gt Nan, loved & missed so much x
LewisBeryll Lewis – Precious Mum, missed so very much
LewisSpecial Dad, Granddad Cy
LewisFrances Lewis – Mom
LewisFrank & Audrey Lewis
LewisGavin Lewis – R.I.P. XX
LewisGerald Lewis – ‘Gerry’ we miss you more each day xx
LewisGordon & Vi Lewis
LewisHazel Lewis – We miss you more everyday xx
LewisJoan & Robert (Bob) Lewis – Mum & Dad, Loved & sadly missed
LewisKelly Lewis – Our beautiful Sister
LewisLynn Lewis – Our beautiful Mom
LewisMary Alice Lewis – The best of Mams and Nannies
LewisNancy & Raymond Lewis
LewisPeter Lewis
LewisSimon David Lewis
LewisThomas Lewis – Tom
LewisVera Jean Lewis – Never Forgotten
LewisWilliam Lewis – Dad, Grandad, miss you lots, let me x
LewtyGeoffrey Lewty – Geoff
LewtyPatricia Lewty – Pat
LinetonPeter Lineton – Great Grandad
LingMichael Ling – Mick
LinkAlbert Link – Dad. Miss you
LinkAnn Link – Mom, Nan & Gt Nan
LinkGwyneth Link – Mum. Miss you
LinkJohn Link – Dad, Grandad & Gt Grandad
LinsleyJeffrey Linsley – Jeff
ListerDavid Lister – We all miss you. Love Helen, Matthew & Jack xxx
LittlefordJean & Terry Littleford – Mum & Dad
LloydDavid Lloyd
LloydDennis Lloyd
LloydFlorence Lloyd
LloydGraham Lloyd
LloydJack & Jessie Lloyd
LloydJoshua Lloyd – Josh
LloydJoshua Lloyd – Grandson
LloydJulie Marie Lloyd
LloydMichelle Lloyd – Forever in our Hearts
LloydOli Lloyd – Forever in our hearts, Mum,Lucy,Nikki & families
LLoydPauline  LLoyd – Niece
LloydRose Lloyd – Mum
LloydTerry Lloyd – We love & miss you so much xxxxxx
LloydWalter Lloyd – Dad
LochrieMary Lochrie – Dear Sister
LockleyJordan Lockley – Always in our thoughts. Love always.
LockleyWilliam Lockley – (Bill) Always in our thoughts. Love always.
LocklinHarold James Locklin – Brother & Uncle
LocklinKate & Harold Locklin –  Mom & Dad, Grandparents
LomasEunice & Jack Lomas – Mom & Dad Missed
LongJohn Long – Dear brother-in-law
LongMum & Dad Long
LongdenKathryn Longden
LouiseElla Louise – Daughter, Sister
LovattClifford Lovatt
LovattPatricia Lovatt
LoveDorothy Love – Rene
LoveEli Love
LoveittBarry Loveitt – Missing you always
LoveittSusan Loveitt – Sue
LovettMilly & Wes Lovett – Mom & Dad
LovettPam & Cliff Lovett
LovettPat & Cliff Lovett
LoweArthur Lowe
LoweBeryl Lowe – Beryl
LoweDavid Lowe – First Christmas without you, remembered lovingly everyday
LoweGillian Lowe – First Christmas without you, loved & missed everyday
LoweJohn & Joyce Lowe
LoweKath Lowe – Auntie Kath
LoweLennard Lowe – Len
LoweMarjorie Lowe – Marg
LoweMark Lowe
LoweMary Lowe
LoweMatilda & Frederick Lowe – Loving Mom & Dad
LoweNeville Lowe – Husband Dad & Grandad
LoweOlive Lowe – Always in our thoughts. Love Carol, Shirley, Val & Terry
LoweRoy Lowe – I Miss You My Love
LoweWilliam Lowe – Bill
LoweWin Lowe – Mum
Lowe (Nee Syass)Maureen Lowe (Nee Syass) – Deeply missed your loving Husband John
LowesTerence Lowes – “Geordie” Thinking of you always xx
LowesTerence Lowes – ” Geordie”
LoyntonWilliam John Loynton – John
LuckFrederick Luck – Dad 
LuckLouise Luck – Mum
LuscottMartha Winifred Luscott – Pat
LuterAllan Luter – Gramps
LuterBill Luter
LuterMargaret Luter – Nan
LyallJim Lyall – Always Miss You. God Bless Olive
LynamDebby & Eileen Lynam – Sister & Neice
Lytollis (nee Van-Cauter)Natasha Lytollis (nee Van-Cauter) – (Tash) Always in our hearts love Dad & Rachel
LyttleSimon Lyttle – Loved and remembered every day.
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