Telford Tree of Light

2021 Loved Ones – W

Elsie Wade – Mum
Leonard Wade
Ronald Wade – Dad
Anthony Wake – Tony
Colin Wakeley
Edward Wakeley – Husband Dad & Grandad
George Wakeley – Husband, Dad, Grandad & Gt Grandad
Graham Wakeley – Husband
Margaret & Moses Wakeley
Benjamin Wakeman – Baby Ben
James (Jim) Wakenell – Brightest Star in the Sky
Alf Walker – Dad
Charlie Walker
Cis Walker – Mom
Derrick Walker – Husband, Father & Grandfather always missed
Kate Walker
Mary Walker
Mary Walker – Loving Mom & Grandma forever missed xx
Pauline Walker – Missed always. Never forgotten. Love Vera, Dinky, Jade & Aaron
Simon Walker – Sam
David Wall – You remain in our hearts for ever
Eileen Wall – Nan & Gt Nan missed by all.
Gladys Wall – You remain in our hearts for ever
Louise Wall – Mum
Peter Wall – Dad
Reg Wall – You remain in our hearts for ever
Cliff Wallace
David & Edith Wallace
Elsie Wallace – Loved always
Fred  Wallace
Mary Wallace
Muriel Wallace
Sean Wallace – Grandson
Walter & Edna Wallace
Barrie Wallcroft – Baz
Elizabeth Wallcroft
Ron Wallcroft
Alan Wallington
Donald Wallis
Gladys Wallis
William & Kate Wallsam
Baby Rosie Ella Walsh – Our tiny baby always loved & forever missed xx
Charlie Walsh – Grandad Charlie love & miss you GC xxx
Rosie Walsh
Colin Walster
Shirley Walster
Beatrice Walters – Missing you Mom
Carl Walters
Fred Walters – Our dear Dad
Kenneth Walters – Dad & Grandad
Marion Walters – Mom & Nan
Frank & Audrey Ward
Gerry Ward – Husband, Dad & Grandad
Jessie & Alfred Ward – Mom & Dad
John Richard Ward – Dicky
Rosemary Ward – Much love. Always missed
Barry Wardle
Eileen Wardle
Kathleen Wardle
Kim Wardle
Michael Wardle
Ron Warner
Robert Warnock
John Warren
Lionel & Thalia Waters – Loved & missed always
Bessie Waterson – “Auntie Bessie”
Brian Waterson – Miss you Dad
Charles Waterson – Grandad
Ida Waterson – Nan
George Watkin
Julie Watkin – Dearly missed
Kelvin Watkin
Mike Watkin – Dearly missed
Penrose Watkin – Penny
Trevor Watkin – Dearly missed
Alfred & Una Watkins
Sydney Watkins – Syd
Winnie & Jack Watkins
Miles Watkiss – For our special Dad forever loved & missed
Agnes Watson – Mum
Bert Watson – Dad
Ian Watt
Kim Watterson – Daughter & Niece
Edith Wattle
John Watton
Ray & Pat Watton – Always loved & remembered
Terry Wear
Graham Weaver – Husband
Graham Weaver – Dad
Graham Weaver – Dad
Graham Weaver – Grandad
Maureen Weaver – Margaret
Rebecca Weaver – Granddaughter
Rebecca Nicole Weaver
Stephen Weaver – Loved & remembered every day
Winnie Weaver – Our dear Mum
Bernard Webb
Dotie Webb – Always in our hearts. Never forgotten
John Webb – Husband
Laura Webb – Caasualty7/7bombing London
Margaret Webb – Mother in law
Nick Webb – Missing you
Norman Webb – Always in our hearts. Never forgotten
Wendy Webberley
Wendy Webberley – Always in my thoughts
Mick Webster
Evelyn Wedge
Norman Wedge
Brenda Welch – Much loved mum & nan
Brenda Edith Welch – Mum & Nan
Graham Welch – Much loved dad & grandad
Graham John Welch – Dad & Grandad
Hubert & Joan Welch
Janet Welch – Mom
Jason Welch – Jay
Mary Wellings – Mum
Norman Wellings
Richard Wellings – Dad
Diana Wells
Gemma Wells
Ron Wells
Cyril & Ian Welsby – A Father & his Son
Alan West – Past President of The Rotary Club of Telford Centre
Alan West
Mary West
Sidney West
Terence West – Terry
Barbara Westbrook
Basil Westbrook
Clive Westbrook – Son
Dorothy & Jack Westbrook
Steven Westbrook – Westy
Ray Westhead – Uncle
Kathleen & Edgar Weston – Kathleen known as Kath
Mary Weston – Aunty
May Weston
Olive Weston
Richard Weston – “Dickie”
Terry Westwick – You are always in our thoughts
Chris Westwood – Special Friend
Florence Whalley
Frank Whalley
Annie  Wharton
Walter Wharton
Margarette Wheatley – Friend, deeply missed. Love always Bev
David Wheaver – Womble
Lewis Wheaver
Christine Wheeler
Gladys & Doug Wheeler
Patricia Wheeler
Vera & Howard Wheeler
Bill & Joyce White – Forever loved xx
Christopher White – Chris, (Grandson)
Dorothy White – Miss you Nan
Dorothy White – God Bless Sleep Tight.
Eugene White
Gordon White – Loyal Friend
Ian John White – Whitey
Janet White – Forever in our hearts x
Joanne White – Miss you Mum
Joyce White
Nicola Jayne White – Loving Daughter, always loved
Alan Whitehead
Alfie Whitehead – Always missed
Gilbert Whitehouse
Gilbert Whitehouse – Papa
John Whitehouse – Legendary Dr Soul
Jim & Ellen Whitmore
Natash Grace Whitmore – Our darling Grand daughter
Martin Whitney – Dad
Rosalind Whitney
William Whitney
James Whittaker
Joyce & Ronald Whittaker
Derek Whittingham
Ian Graham Whittingham – Son
John David Whittle – Daughter Lauren & Pumpkin
Keith Whitton – Scani
Charlotte Whitworth – Our beautiful baby daughter
Dorothy Whyle – Dear Friend
Les & Ellie Wickstead
Kathy Wicksteed
Colin & Joyce Wigham – Loving Parents & Grandparents. Sadly missed
Derek Wild – Del Boy
John Wild
Sarah Jane Wild – Jenny
Vera Wild
Enid Wilkes – A Missed & Loved Mum
Fred Wilkes – A Dearly Loved Dad
Geoff Wilkes
George & Alice Wilkes
John Wilkes
Julia Wilkes – Loving Wife
Millie & Bill Wilkes
Neville Wilkes – Nip
Tracey Wilkes – Beloved Daughter, Sister much missed
Alex Wilkins
Basil & Irene Wilkinson – Dad & Mum
John Wilkinson – Missed always
George & Florence Willets
David Willetts – Loving Husband, Dad & Grandad
Agnes Williams – Mother, Grandmother
Alice & Hugh Williams
Christopher Williams
Cliff Williams – Dad/Grandad
Clive Anthony Williams – Loving Husband, Dad, Gdad ,GtGdad  never forgotten
Cyril Williams
Darren Williams – Loving Husband
David S. Williams
Dennis Williams
Don Williams – Dad – thinking of you always xx
Donald Charles Williams – Don
Edna Williams – Mom
Ellie Williams
Emmie Williams
Eric & Sheila Williams – Dad, Brother & Sister
Estelle Williams – Grandma
Estelle Williams – Mum
Ethel Williams
Eurwen Williams – Bubbles
George Williams – With love from Team George xxx
Gerry Williams – My Mum & always in my heart xx
Grace Williams – Fondly remembered
Gwladys Williams
Harold Williams – Grandad/Great Grandad. We miss you lots
Ivor & Phyllis Williams – Phyl & Ivor
Joe Williams – Dad
Joe Williams – Grandad
John Williams – Dad
John Cyril Williams – Grandad
Joyce Williams – Sister
Joyce Williams
June Williams
Kathleen Williams – Mary
Katrina Williams – With love from Auntie Kath & family x
Kenneth Williams – Ken
Leonard George Williams – Dad
Linda Williams – We will miss you forever
Margaret & John Williams – Never forgotten always loved
Martin Williams – Dad & Grandad
Mel Williams – In our hearts forever missed
Minnie Williams – Mom, Grandmother
Norman Williams – TAF
Raymond Williams – Ray
Robert Williams – Bob, my Soulmate
Sally Williams – Mom
Sally Williams – Nan
Sybil Williams
Sylva Kathleen Williams – Mum
Theresa Williams – (formerly Udakis)
Thomas Williams – Roy
Violet Williams – Vi
Walter Williams – Wat
William Williams – Bill
Evelyn Williamson – Beryl
James Williamson – Uncle
Roy Willington – Always in my thoughts
Ann Willoughby – Aunt Ann
Edwin Willoughby – Uncle Ted
Gertrude Willoughby – Libby
Aisling Wilson – Ash
Betty Wilson – Mom & Nan
Derek Wilson – Dad & Grandad
George & Gladys Wilson – Loving Mother & Dad
Gwen Wilson
Henrietta (Rita) Wilson – Ten Years & always In my thoughts & prayers
Oisin Wilson – The brightest always, from Ella
Stan & Audrey Wilson – Always Remembered
Woodrow Wilson – Woody
Irene Wilton – Sister
Eric Windsor – Forever in our hearts
Dave Winter – Forever in our hearts
Gilbert & Margaret Winwood
David Wirizlay – Our Kid dear Brother gone but not forgotten
Kerry Withers – Kez, I miss you so very much my beautiful Cousin xx
Phyllis Edna Withington – Mom always in our hearts, John & Jean
Ronald Victor Withington – Dad always in our hearts, John & jean
Andrew Wood
Arnold Wood
Barbara Wood
Jean Wood
Jean Wood – My lovely Mum
John Wood
Lilian Wood
Maureen Wood – Maurie
Stephen Wood – My lovely Bro
Steve Wood – Dad to Sarah & Ben
Pamela Woodman
Joyce Woodvine – Mother
Brian Woodward
May Woodward – Beloved Mum & Grandma
Reginald Woodward – Regy
Rodwell Woodward – Roddy
Deborah Wooldridge – Deb – much loved sister
Agnes Marriot Woolford – Molly
Andrew Woolford
John Arthur Woolford – John
Meirion Woolford
Carl Woolley – Still love & miss you. From all the family
Edna May (Aunty) Woolley – Thinking of you at Christmas & always
Geoff Woolley
John Woolley – Father & Stepfather
John Levi (Uncle Jack) Woolley – Thinking of you at Christmas & always
Mary Woolley – Mother
Joan Wootton – Mum XX
Tina Wootton
William Wootton – Bill (Dad) XX
William Thomas & Margaret Wootton – Bill & Marg
Keith Wormstone – Jack
Francis James Worrall – Jim
Jack Worrall
Patricia Worrall – Pat
Liam Ashley Wragg – Son & Grandson
Alan Wright – A. H. Wright
Frank Wright – My Grandad and thinking of you xx
Heather Wright
John Wright – Grandad
Julian & Rachel Wright – Popa & Nanny
Lorna Wright
Muriel Wright – (Sister) Mu – Much Loved
Ray Wright – Pops forever missed
Thomas Wright – Baby Thomas Wright missed loved x
Wilf & Betty Wright – Together
Jack – Nellie Wycherley – Family
Rex Wycherley
Christine Wyld – Mom, always loved
Treac Wyld – Darling girlies
George William Wynn – Always missed
Josephine Edith Lilian Wynn – Always missed
Josie Wynn
Al – Elvis Wyton – Beloved Husband
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