Telford Tree of Light

2021 Loved Ones – H

Walter & Iris Hach – Forever in our hearts
Peggy Hack
Pete Hack
Christopher Hackman – Chris
Mabel Hackman – May
Alan Haddock – Miss you, Olive
Margaret Haddock – God Bless
June Haden – Loving Wife & Mother
Amy & Harold Hadfield – Always loved
Margo Hadfield – Always loved
Paul Hadfield – Always loved
Mark Hadley
Norman Hadley
Alice Hail
Charles Hail – Charlie
Charlie & Alice Hail – Our Devoted Parents
Jayne Hailey – Sadly missed Daughter
Pauline Haines – Rest in peace xxxxx
Carolyn Hale – My Angel
Ann Haley – Love Neil & Anthea
Ann Haley – Love Emma
Ann Haley – Loving Mom & Wife, we  miss you & are thinking of you always.
Wilf Halford
Annette Hall – Much loved wife mother & grandmother
Beryl Hall
David Thomas Hall
Doreen Hall – Anya
Fred Hall – God Bless
Geoffery Hall – Geoff
John Hall – Husband, Father, Grandad
Kath Hall – God Bless
Leonard Hall – Deeply missed always loved Sheena & Martin xxx
Lucy & George Hall
Margaret Hall
Matthew Hall – God Bless
Stuart Hall
William (Bill) Hall – Husband, Loving Grandad, Loving Father
Delha Hamer – Del
Edith Hamer – Edie
Ron Hamer
Edna Hamilton – Mum
Edna Hamilton – Daughter Sherry, Alex & Poppy
Scot Hamilton – Hamo
Ernie Hammerton – Dad & Grandad
Maurice Hammond – Beloved Husband of Margaret
Maurice Hammond – Beloved Father of Steven Sandra & Shaun
Ron Hammond – Dad/Grandad
David Hampton – Grandad
Michael Hancox – Loving Husband, Dad & Grandad. We miss you.
Stella Hancox – Amazing Mommy
Amy Handley – Mother sadly missed
Gillian Handley – Loving sister
Janet Handley – Sadly missed wife
Kelly Handley – nee Jones
Sally & Cyril Handley – Loved & Missed Always
Dagmar Hanscombe
Derek Hanscombe
Simon Hanscombe
Harry Hanson – Grandad/Dad
Lilian Hanson – Nan/Mum
Jean Harbour
Celia Harding – Mom,Nan,Gt Nan
Dennis Harding – Dad, Grandad & Gt Grandad
Eric Harding – Gone but not forgotten
Irene Harding – Special friend XXX
John Harding
Nell, Stan & John Harding
Peter Harding
Vera & Sam Harding
Barbara Hardman
Dorothy Hardman
James Hardman – Jim
Jim Hardman
Keith Hardman
Ray Hardman
Doris Hardwick
Luther Hardwick
Arthur Hardy
Irene Hardy
Williamena Hardy – Ena
Wendy & Lisa Harley – Always remembered
Margaret Harman
Alfred & Doris Harper
Barbara (Sis) & Chris (Unk) Harper – Thinking of you both always xx
Charlie Harper
Edith & James Harper
Elizabeth Harper – Nan – Never forgotten
Ella & Stanley Harper – Forever in our hearts
Graham Harper
Joan Harper – Always in our hearts
Mary Harper – Mom – Gone too soon x
Tess, Molly and Holly Harper – x Our Girls – Forever in our hearts xxx
Wallace Harper – Wally
Walter Harper
Sandra Harrington – Sister
Arthur Harris – Father
Clarence Harris – Remembered always x
Danielle Harris – Daughter, loved & missed every day
Derek Harris
Derek Harris – Sadly missed Brother
Doreen Harris – Remembered always x
Enid & John Harris – Nan & Grandad
Enid & John Harris – Mom & Dad
Eva & Jack Harris – Dear Mum & Dad
Fenton Harris
Ian Stuart & Rachel Harris – Dearly loved & Sadly missed
Jan & Rachel Harris – Much loved Brother in Law & Sister (Uncle & Auntie)
Jim & Sylvia Harris
Kathleen Harris – Dearest Sister & Aunt
Kathleen Harris – Mother
Les Harris – Pops
Lucas Harris – Bingo Pal
Malcolm Harris – Gramps
Malcolm Harris – Les
Maureen Harris – Mom
Melanie Harris – Miss you love you always,Christian,Colby,Mom & Dad
Roger Harris – Husband. Love always
Roy Harris – Loved & remembered.
Sam Harris – Smiler
Stan Harris – Loved & remembered every day
William & Mary Harris – Also Son Albert
Audrey Harrison – Auntie
Lindsey Harrison
Muriel Harrison
Winifred Harrison
Derek Harrop – Dec (My friend)
Derek Harrop – Merry Christmas Dec
John Hart
Chris Hartland – Dad
Danielle Harvey
Kerry Harwood – Niece, Always Loved
Charles and Joan Haseley – Treasured Parents & Grandparents xxx
Daisy Haseley – A much loved and dearly missed companion xxx
Doug & Norma Haseley
Pauline May Haseley – A special Wife & Lady xxx
Tom Haseley
Florrie Hassall – Nan – Never Forgotten xx
Wayne Hassall – Beloved Husband, Dad & Grandad xx
Betty & Gerald Hatch – Mum & Dad
Eric Hatcher – Always in our thoughts
Betty May Hatfield – Your always in our thoughts
Clifford Arthur Hatfield – Your always in our thoughts
Angela Hattle – Miss you Ange x
John Hattle – Miss you Dadx
Edie & Bill Hatton – Mum & Dad, Nan & Grandad
Florence Hatton – Always in my thoughts, R.I.P Mom, Love John Xx
George Hatton – Bill
Jack & Hazel Hatton – Nanny & Grandad Jack
Sheila Hatton
Annie Haughey
Christoph Hawes – Chris
Raymond Hawes – Ray
Dennis and May Hawkins – Father & Mother
Malcolm Hay – Malc
Mary Hay – Mum
Edmund Hayes
Margaret Hayes
Clive Hayles – Smiler
Esmie Hayles – Mom
Jayne Haynes
Nelson Haynes – Grandad, Dad, Husband
Roma Haynes
Annie Hayward
Doug & Ann Hayward – Forever Loved
Eileen Hayward – Beloved Sister
Gladys Hayward
Harry & Betty Hayward – Dad & Mum
Kenneth Hayward – Ken
Martin Hayward – TOG
Noah Hayward – Jonesy
Ted Hayward
Horace & Gwen Hayward
Paul Haywood
Marg Healey – Mom & Nan
Nevis Hearing dog
Maureen Hearn – Mo – Never Forgotten
Ernest Heath – Gone but not forgot
Ernest Heath – Ernie
Christopher Heaven – Chris
Dorothy Heaven – Dot
John Hedges – “J”
John Hedges – Dad
John Hedges – Grandad
Rene & Harry Heeley – of Lichfield
David Heighway – Ike
Derrick Heighway – Dad – Loved so much
Derrick Heighway – Dad – Miss you
Derrick Heighway – Granddad – Loved so much
Irene Heighway – Nan – Loved so much
Irene Heighway – Mom – Loved so much
Ken Heighway – Ken
Ken Heighway – Special Uncle & Great Uncle. Missed so very much
Mary Heighway
Nellie Heighway – Gran – Never forgotten
Sarah Louise Heighway
Michael John Helliwell – Beloved Dad
Alice Hemming – Little Nan
Aileen Hems – Loved Sister
Duncan Hems – Loved Nephew
Albert Hendy – Loved forever
Ann Hendy – Blonde
Arthur Hendy – Archie
Gaynor Elizabeth Henn
Ronald & Beryl Henson – Ron Dad Bel Mom
John Hesbrook
Mabel Hesbrook
William Hesbrook – Bill
Jessy Hester – Missed More Each Year
Noel Hester – Missed More Each Year
Michael Heston
Paul Hewitt – Never forgotten
Patricia Hewson – Dearly missed
Andrew Hickin – Andy (Husband)
Andrew Hickin – Andy
Ann & Mike Hickman
Lois Hickman – My best friend, miss you Nan x
Thomas Hickman
Thomas Hickman – Husband of Lois, our Dad. Miss you both
Mary Hicks – Love from husband William & all the children
Derek Hidden – Loving Dad, Grandad & Great Grandad
Agnes & Albert Higgins – Nanny Mac. Gaffer
Harold Higgins – “H”
Harold Higgins – Dad & Grandad
Harold Higgins – Hurricane
Patrick Higgins – Paddy
Arthur Higginson
G.W. Higginson – GW
John Higginson
Lilian Higginson
M. Higginson – Nan
George Higley – All my love always & forever – Hilda
George Higley – Dad & Grandad. Love Joyce, Paul, Jason, Ryan, Denise, Peto, Bran. Joy
Grandad R Higley – Always in our thoughts. D & M xx
Hilda Higley – Mum missed dearly.  Love, Di & Tub x
Nan H Higley – Forever missed. D & M xx
Ron Higley – Dad dearly missed. Love, Di & Tub x
Arthur Hill – Loving Husband Dad, Grdad Merry Xmas love Sheila & the family
Barbara Hill – Mother, Grandmother, Gt.Grandmother
Charles Hill – Dad, Grandad, Gt.Grandad
Joan Hill – Miss you so much, from all the Family
Peggy & Charlie Hill
Peter Hill – Miss you
William Hill – Grandpa
Maddie-Rose Hill Dodd – Special niece. Love you forever
Jackie Hind
Eileen Hinton – Special Mum & Gran
Neil Hinton – Special Dad & Grandad
Clive Hinwood – Dearest Dad
Helen Hinwood – Dearest wife
Benjamin Hipkiss
Elsie Hipkiss
Heather Jean Hitchin – Love from Muriel, Joyce & Ann
Sybil Hitchin – Mother
Amy Hobbs – My Nan – sending you Christmas hugs xx
John Hobbs – My Grandad, missing you xx
Kathleen Hobson – Grandma
Rupert – Ivy Hockenhull – Mum – Dad
Alfred & Lilian Hocking – Alf & Lily
Brenda & Fred Hodgetts – Mom & Dad, always in our hearts
Robert Hodgins – Bob
Barry Hodgkinson – Baz
William Hodgkinson – Bill
Eileen Hodgson – Miss you Mom
Jack Hodgson – Miss you Dad
Betty & Bob Hodson – Mom & Dad XXX
Jim Hodson – Dad – love & miss you xxx
Carol Hoggins – Sister XX
Robert Hoggins – Gaffer
Frank Holcroft
Nellie  Holcroft
Karen Holdem – Wie
Donald Holden – Don
Kath Holding – Mum. Always in our hearts and thoughts
Thomas Holding – Tom
Austin Holford – Aust
Charlie Holford – Dear Husband & Dad
Joan Holford – Nanny Boat
Raymond Michael Holland – Ray
Monique Hollins – Mags
Stuart Hollins – Loved, missed and remembered always. XX
Alice & Don Hollis – With love at Xmas Nan & Grandad Miss you, Mandi, Si, Joel & Drew
Alice & Donald Hollis – Dearest Mom & Dad
Jane Hollis – A Special Friend
Jane Hollis – Sister in law
Jane Hollis – My darling wife always remembered
Jane Hollis – Miss you Mum/Nan. With all our love at Xmas. Mandi, Si, Joel & Drew xx
Stan Hollis
Caitlyn Holloway
Edgar Holloway
Frank Holloway
Heather Holloway
John Holloway – Rex
Marjorie Holloway
Mary Holloway
Sophie Holloway
David Hollyhead – Olly.
Glen Hollyhead – Father
Harry Hollyhead
Marjorie Hollyhead
Derrick Holmes
Edmund & Evelyn Holmes
Ernest Holmes – Dad
Janet Holmes
John Holmes – Jack
Margaret Holmes
Mary Holmes – Betty
Vic & Hazel Holmes
Grace & John Holt – Wonderful Parents & Grandparents
Bob Holyhead
Ruth & Frank Holyoake – Loved Always
Bessie Honey – My beloved Wife
Bessie Honey – Bubbs a very dear friend
Robin Hood – Rob
Betty  Hoof – Mum & Nan our Angel
Bill Hoof – My Husband
Ellen & Elijah Hoof
Graham Hoof – Cousin
Ian Hoof – Stepson
Thomas Cyril Hoof – Dad & Grandad our Angel
Harold Hoofe – Husband
Harold Hoofe – Dad
Christopher Hookey – Chris
Ernest Franklin Hooper – Beloved Pa, missed a year on as much as ever.
Jill Hooper – Together again at last.
Diane Hope – The best Mom & Nan forever missed
May Hope – A Loved & missed Granny
Nancy & Sam Hope – Forever loved xx
Ronald Hope – Ron
Jack Hopkinson
Kathleen Hopkinson – Kath
Philip Hopkinson – Phil
Brenda Hopper
Winifred Horton – Remembered & not forgotten
George Hotchkiss
Marylin Hotchkiss – Miss you Nan
Avril Houlston – Wife, Mother & Nan missed by all.
Don Houlston
Harold & Florence Houlston – Dad, Grandad & Mum, Nan
Norman & Elsie Houlston
Derek & Gwen Hoult – Dearly missed
Alistair Houlton – Brother – miss you x
Alistair Houlton – Love Mum x
Mary Hounsel – Friend
Intombizodwa Hove – Tombi Missing you dearly
Bridget Howard
Larry Howard
Laurence Howard
Michael Howard
Sean Howard
Alison Howard- – Loving Wife, Mom & Gamma
Len & May Howard- – Dad & Mom, Always missed
Agnes Howdle
Dennis Howdle
Joan & Donald (Don) Howdle
Barbara Howell – Thinking of you mom. Happy Christmas.
Adrian Howells – Miss You, Deb & Steph
Audrey Howells – Nan
Bert Howells – Grandad
Edward Howells – Eddie
Geoffrey Howells
Graham Howells – Always remembered
John Howells – Dear Husband
Minnie Howells
Lawrence Howes – Dearest Husband, Dad, Grandad, Gt.Grandad
Phillis Hubble – Mum
Alan David Hughes – Much Loved Dad & Grandpa xx
Arthur & Muriel Hughes – Grandad & Grandma
Arvon Hughes – Loved husband, Dad, grandad & brother
Bill Hughes – Husband, Dad, Grandad & Gt Grandad forever in our hearts xx
David Hughes
Derek Hughes
Elsie Hughes – Mother
Emrys & Joyce Hughes
Gavin Hughes – Forever in our hearts
Harry Hughes – “H”
Jane Hughes – Sister
Jim Hughes – Beloved Brother
Jim Hughes
Joyce Hughes
Leslie Hughes
Ralph Hughes – Uncle Grumpy
Rob Hughes – Husband & Dad
Terry & Hazel Hughes – Badger, Mum & Dad, Nan & Grandad
Tom & Betty Hughes – Gramps & Gramma
Winifred Hughes
Mavis & David Hulme
Eric Humphreys
Christine Humphreyson – Sister, Aunt
Harry Humphreyson – Dad, Grandad, Gt.Grandad
Marion Humphreyson – Mother, Nan, Great Nan
Danny Humphries
Gladys Humphries – A loving Mum
Harry Humphries
Humphrey & Maud Humphries
William (Bill) Humphries – A loving Dad
Gillian Hunt – Niece
John & Marjorie Hunt
Allan Hurle – Lovingly Remembered
Susan Hutchings – Loving Mom
Elizabeth Hutchison – A loving Mum, Sister & Auntie
Ena Huxley – Mother
John Huxley – Brother
Wilfred Huxley – Wilf. Loved, Missed & Remembered every day Wife Margaret
Wilfred (Wilf) Huxley – Brother
Wilfrid John Huxley – Father
Edna Hyde
Leslie Hyde
Mary Hyde
Michael Hyde
Alice Hyelman
Marjorie Hyelman
Kathleen Hyland
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