Telford Tree of Light

2021 Loved Ones – F

Dave Fall
Aneita Falla
Jack Fallows – 1925 – 2020
Nigel Fallows
Audrey & Victor Falshaw – Vic
Betty &Peter Falshaw
Barry Farmer – Son love & miss you so much x
Jennifer Farmer – Miss you Mom x
John Farmer – Father-in-Law
Kieran Farmer – Son-In-Law
Kieran Farmer – Dad

May Farmer – Mother–in-Law
Tom Farmer
Evelyn Farrell
Kenneth Farrell – Ken
Peter Farrelly – A wonderful Dad & Granddad remembered with love
Phyllis Farrelly – A wonderful Mam & Grandma remembered with love
Andrew Faulkner – A special Son & Brother
Charles Frederick Faulkner – Wag
Edna Anne Faulkner – Aggy
Edward Fear – Ted XX
Ted Fear – Dad, Love always. Trace XXX
Constance Felstead – Connie
Edna & Norman Felton – Mum & Dad
Violet Felton
Barry Fenn – (Baz) missing you
Leslie Fenn – Friend
George Fernley
Brenda Ferriday
Derek Ferriday – Dad
Derek Ferriday – Husband
Ern & Mary Ferriday
Harold & Dorothy Ferriday
John Fidler – Husband, Dad, Grandad & Pops
Frank Field
Gaynor Field – Thinking of you always, Heather
Violet Maud Filtness – Sadly missed Love Ange
Graham Finch – Beloved husband & father
Janet Finch – Auntie
Pat Findlay – Mom
Stanley Findon – Much loved
Enid Finn
Raymond Finney – Ray
Jimmy Finnigan
Joseph Finnigan – Joe
Christine Firmstone
Alan Fisher – Much loved Husband, Father & Grandfather
Frank Fisher
Leonard Fisher
Lyndon Fishwick – Forever missed
Ed & Betty Fitzsimmons
Darren M Flack – My Friend
Darran Fletcher – Love you xx
George Fletcher – Ex T.D.C.
Gloria Fletcher – Our lovely sister, so missed
Mary & Stanley (Ted) Fletcher
Paul Fletcher
Sarah Flowers – Still Loved & missed
Catherine Floyd
Margaret Follows – Mum, Nan, Marg
Roy Follows – Dad, Grandad, Beanie
Dawn Ford
Dot Ford
Jack & Mabel Ford – Dad & Mom, never forgotten
Jim Ford
John Ford – Loving Husband, Dad & Grandad
Maddie Ford – Beautiful girl, Mummy loves you always.
Steve Ford – Greatly missed, Nes & Jan x
Claire Foreman – Forever in our hearts. Still sorely missed.
Ann Forgacs – Dear Auntie
Steve (Istvan) Forgacs – Dear Uncle
Vic Forrest – Brother in Law
Bernard Forrester
Bill Forrester – Beloved husband of Joy
Fred & Lottie Forrester
Dave Forsyth
Gillian Foskett
Kath Foster
Ken Foster
Patricia Foster – Auntie Pat
Marjorie Foulkes
Pauline Fowler – Mum
Barbara Fox
Edwin Geoffrey Fox – Geoff
Harry Fox – Dad Grandad
Julie Fox – Dearly missed, never forgotten, will always remain in our hearts
Lionel Fox – Dearly missed, never forgotten, will always remain in our hearts
Mabel Fox – Our Mom
Patricia Fox – Forever in our heart xxx
Roy Fox – Forever in our heart xxx
Sylvia Fox – Mom Nan Silv
Derek Foyle
Mildred France – Lovely lady very much missed xx
Abby Francis –  Cousin XXX
June & Bill Francis – Mom & Dad
Sarah Francis
Brenda Franks
Jean & Norman Franks
Peter Franks
Richard Free Jnr – Friend
Hazel Freeman
John Freeman – Jack
Alan French
Albert French – Bert
Ethel & George French
Megan French – Meg
Sarah & Albert (Bert) French
Bernie Frost – A wonderful Mum, thinking of you always XX
Geof Frost – Always in our thoughts, love always xxx
Leslie Frost – Les
Mary Frost
Douglas Fry – Doug
Raymond Fry – Ray
May & Tom Furber
Ron Furber – God Bless
Sybil Furber – God Bless
Phil Furness
Philip Furness
Thel Furness
Alan Furnival – Al
Mary Fursey
Violet Fylan – Vi, Daughter & Sister in Law
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