Telford Tree of Light

2020 Loved Ones W

WadeElsie Wade – Mum
WadeEthel Wade
WadeLeonard Wade
WadeRobert Wade – Bob
WadeRon Wade – DAD
WahlAnn Wahl
WakeAnthony Wake – Tony
WakeleyColin Wakeley
WakeleyEdward Wakeley – Husband Dad & Grandad
WakeleyGeorge Wakeley – Husband, Dad, Grandad & Gt Grandad
WakeleyGraham Wakeley – Husband
WakeleyMargaret & Moses Wakeley – Mom & Dad
WakemanBenjamin Wakeman – Baby Ben
WakenellJames (Jim) Wakenell – Holding on to memories
WalkerAlf & Cis Walker – Dad & Mom
WalkerCharles Walker
WalkerClara Walker
WalkerKate  Walker
WalkerMary Walker
WalkerMary Walker – We love you Mom/Grandma forever in our hearts XXX
WalkerMax Walker
WalkerPauline Walker – Miss and love you loads x
WalkerPauline Walker – Thinking about you all the time, always in our hearts. Love Sister Vera & Family xx
WalkerSimon Walker – Sam
WallClifford Wall – Cliff, (loving dad)
WallDavid Wall – Always in our hearts
WallEileen Wall – Nan and Great Nan missed by all.
WallGladys Wall – Always in our hearts
WallGregory Wall – Greg (loving brother)
WallPeter & Louise Wall – Dad & Mum
WallReg Wall – Always in our hearts
WallaceCliff Wallace
WallaceDavid & Edith Wallace
WallaceEdna & Walter Wallace
WallaceElsie Wallace
WallaceFred & Mary Wallace
WallaceMuriel Wallace
WallaceSean Wallace – Grandson
WallcroftBarrie Wallcroft – Baz
WallcroftElizabeth Wallcroft
WallcroftRon Wallcroft
WallingtonAlan Wallington
WallisDonald Wallis
WallisGladys Wallis
WallisKeith Wallis – Always remembered
WalsterColin Walster
WalsterShirley Walster
WaltersCarl Walters
WaltersFred Walters – Dad
WaltersKen Walters – Dad & Grandad
WaltersMarion Walters – Mom & Nan
WardFrank & Audrey Ward
WardGerry Ward – Husband, Dad & Grandad
WardGordon & Dilys Ward
WardJessie & Alfred Ward – Mom & Dad
WardJohn Richard Ward – Dicky
WardPeter Ward – Pete
WardleBarry Wardle
WardleEileen Wardle
WardleKathleen Wardle
WardleKim Wardle
WardleMichael Wardle
WarnerRon Warner
WarnockRobert Warnock
WarrenJohn Warren – Never Forgotten
WarrenJohn Warren – Past President of Wrekin Rotary Club
WaseAlbert Wase
WaseJessie Wase
WatersonBrian Waterson – Miss you Dad
WatersonKim Waterson – Mum,Daughter & Niece
WatkinGeorge  Watkin
WatkinJulie Watkin – Loved Mum & Daughter
WatkinKelvin Watkin
WatkinMike Watkin – Loved Uncle
WatkinPenrose Watkin – Penny
WatkinTrevor Watkin – Loved Grandad
WatkinsAlf Watkins
WatkinsLily Watkins
WatkinsPhillip Watkins – Brother
WatkinsSydney Watkins – Syd
WatkinsUna Watkins
WatkinsWilliam Tudor Watkins – Tod
WatkinsWinnie & Jack Watkins – Mum & Dad
WatkissBrenda & William (Bill)   Watkiss – Mom & Dad, Miss you both so very much
WatkissMiles Watkiss – Forever in our hearts, Dad. Loved always.
WatsonBert & Cis Watson – Dad & Mum
WattIan Watt
WattleEdith Wattle
WattonJohn Watton
WattonRay & Pat Watton – Loving Parents & Grandparents
WattsGwen Watts
WearTerry Wear
WeaverGraham Weaver – Dad
WeaverGraham Weaver – Husband
WeaverMaureen Weaver
WeaverRebecca Nichol Weaver – Granddaughter
WeaverRebecca Nicole Weaver
WeaverStephen Paul Weaver – Missed & loved always
WeaverWinnie Weaver – Dear Mum
WebbBernard Webb
WebbJohn Webb – Husband
WebbLaura Webb – Victim of London Bombing
WebbNorman (Norm) & Dorothy (Dotty) Webb – Never forgotten,always in our heart
WebsterDavid Webster
WebsterMick Webster
WedgeEvelyn Wedge
WedgeNorman Wedge
WeirRonald Weir – Love You For All The World
WelchBrenda Edith Welch – Mum and Nan
WelchGeorge Welch
WelchHubert & Joan Welch
WelchJanet Welch – Mom
WelchJason Welch – Jay
WelchJohn Graham Welch – Dad and Grandad 
WellingsMary Wellings – Mum
WellingsNorman Wellings
WellingsRichard Wellings – Dad
WellsFlorence & Alfred Wells
WellsGemma Wells
WellsburyPauline Wellsbury – Love and miss you always Mum xxx
WelsbyCyril & his Son, Ian Welsby
WestAlan West – Beloved Husband, Dad & Grandad
WestAlan West – Past President of Telford Cente Rotary Club and PHF
WestMary West
WestSidney West
WestbrookBarbara Westbrook – May
WestbrookBasil Westbrook
WestbrookClive Westbrook – Brother
WestbrookDorothy & Jack Westbrook – Mum & Dad
WestbrookSteven Westbrook – Westy
WestonMay Weston
WestonOlive Weston
WestonRichard  Weston – “Dickie”
WestwickTerry Westwick – Much loved husband, father and grandad who is always in our thoughts and hearts.
WestwoodChris Westwood – Our dearest friend love Chris, Fiona &Thomas
WhalleyFlorence Whalley
WhalleyFrank Whalley
WhartonAnnie & Walter Wharton
WheatleyMargarette Wheatley – Friend, deeply missed. Love always Bev
WheaverDavid Wheaver – Womble
WheaverLewis Wheaver
WheelerGladys & Doug Wheeler
WheelerPatricia Wheeler
WheelerVera & Howard Wheeler
WhiddonWendy Whiddon – Loved You Once, Love you still
WhiddonWendy Whiddon – Sleep well Wendy,greatly missed.
WhitakerStuart Whitaker – Ferrett
WhiteBill & Joyce White – Forever loved xx
WhiteChristopher White – Chris, (Grandson)
WhiteDorothy White – God Bless Sleep Tight.
WhiteDorothy White – Mom
WhiteEugene White
WhiteGordon White – Valued Friend
WhiteHelen White
WhiteIan John White – Whitey
WhiteJanet White – Much loved Mom, Nan, Great Nan X
WhiteJoyce White
WhiteheadAlan Whitehead
WhitehouseGilbert Whitehouse
WhitehouseGilbert Whitehouse – Papa
WhitehouseJanet Whitehouse – Sister
WhitmoreEllen Whitmore – Mum
WhitmoreJim Whitmore – Dad
WhitmoreNatasha Whitmore – Our Beloved Grandaughter
WhitneyRosalind Whitney
WhitneyWilliam Whitney
WhittakerJames Whittaker
WhittakerJoyce & Ron Whittaker
WhittamSylvia June Whittam
WhittinghamIan Graham Whittingham – Son
WhittinghamRenee Whittingham
WhittleDavid Whittle – Dad/Grandad
WhittonKeith Whitton – Scani-Gone but not forgotten
WhitworthCharlotte Whitworth – Our beautiful baby daughter
WhyleDorothy Whyle – Dear Friend
WicksteadLes & Ellie Wickstead
WicksteedKathy Wicksteed
WighamColin  Wigham – loving dad and loving grandparent
WighamJoyce Wigham – loving mom and loving grandparent
WildDerek Wild – Love  you always Pauline
WildJohn Wild – John
WildSarah Jane Wild – Jenny
WildsHedley Wilds – Parish priest
WilkesEnid Wilkes – A Dear Mother
WilkesEnid Wilkes – Always remembered
WilkesFred Wilkes – A Lovely Father
WilkesGeoff Wilkes
WilkesGeorge & Alice Wilkes
WilkesJohn Wilkes
WilkesJulia Ann Wilkes – Wife
WilkesMillie & Bill Wilkes
WilkesNeville Wilkes – Nip
WilkesTracey Wilkes – A Daughter & Sister much loved & missed
WilkinsAlex Wilkins
WilkinsNorman Wilkins – A dearly loved brother
WilkinsonBasil & Irene Wilkinson – Dad & Mum
WilkinsonWink Wilkinson – Dad
WilletsGeorge & Florence Willets
WillettsDavid Willetts – Always remembered, sadly missed
WilliamNorman William – “Taf”
WilliamsAgnes Williams – Mother,Grandmother
WilliamsAlfred Williams
WilliamsAlice & Hugh Williams
WilliamsAlun Williams – A True Friend
WilliamsBob X Williams – Beloved Soulmate
WilliamsChristopher Williams
WilliamsClifford George Williams – Dad/Grandad
WilliamsClive Anthony Williams – Husband,Dad,Grandad,GrtGrandad always remembered sadly missed by all of us xx
WilliamsCyril Williams
WilliamsDarren Williams – Loving Husband
WilliamsDavid S. Williams
WilliamsDon Williams – Dad – thinking of you always xx
WilliamsDonald Charles Williams – Don
WilliamsDoris & Alf Williams
WilliamsEdna Williams – Mom
WilliamsElle Williams – Daughter
WilliamsEllie Williams
WilliamsEmmie Williams
WilliamsEstelle Williams – Granny
WilliamsEstelle Williams – Mother
WilliamsEthel Williams
WilliamsEurwen Williams – Bubbles
WilliamsFred Williams
WilliamsGeorge Williams – Always in our hearts, team George
WilliamsGerry Williams – My Mum and always loved xx
WilliamsGladys Williams
WilliamsGrace Williams – Fondly remembered
WilliamsGwladys Williams
WilliamsJohn Williams – Sadly missed and never forgotten.
WilliamsJoyce Williams – Sister
WilliamsJune Williams
WilliamsKathleen Williams – Mary
WilliamsKenneth Williams – Ken
WilliamsLaurence Arthur Williams – 1925 – 2005
WilliamsLaurence Arthur Williams – Laurence Arthur Williams 1925-2005
WilliamsLeonard George Williams – Dad
WilliamsMaldwyd Williams – Dad
WilliamsMaldwyn Williams – Dad
WilliamsMargaret Williams – Sadly missed and never forgotten.
WilliamsMartin Williams – Dad & Grandad
WilliamsMel Williams – In Our Hearts Forever
WilliamsMinnie Williams – Mother Grandmother
WilliamsPhyl & Ivor Williams – Love you Mum & Dad
WilliamsRuth Williams – Mum
WilliamsSheila &  Eric  Williams – Sister & Brother, Dad & Grandad
WilliamsSybil Williams
WilliamsSylva Kathleen Williams – Mum
WilliamsTheresa Williams – formerly Udakis
WilliamsThomas Roy Williams – Roy. I Miss You 
WilliamsViolet Williams
WilliamsViolet Williams – Vi
WilliamsWalter  Williams – Wat
WilliamsWilliam Williams – Bill
WilliamsonBetty Williamson – Mom/Nan We miss you so much
WilliamsonEvelyn Williamson – Beryl
WilliamsonJack (Pops) Williamson – Always in our hearts
WillingtonRoy Willington – With Love as always
WilloughbyEdwin Willoughby – Ted
WilloughbyGertrude Willoughby – Libby
WilsonBetty Wilson – Mom & Nan
WilsonDerek Wilson – Dad & Grandad
WilsonGeorge & Gladys Wilson – Dad & Mum Never Forgotten
WilsonGwen Wilson
WilsonHenrietta (Rita) Wilson – Ten Years and Still In My Thoughts and Prayers. John
WilsonStan & Audrey Wilson – Always Remembered
WilsonWoodrow Wilson – Woody
WiltonIrene Wilton – Sister
WindsorEric Windsor – Always in Our Hearts
WinterDave Winter – Forever in our hearts
WinwoodMargaret Winwood – Always Remembered
WiseHilda Wise – Nan
Withers Kerry Withers  – My beautiful cousin dearly missed xxx
WithingtonPhyllis Edna Withington – Mom always in our thoughts
WithingtonRonald Victor Withington – Dad always in our thoughts
WoodAndrew Wood
WoodBarbara Wood – God Bless
WoodEnock Wood – God Bless
WoodJean Wood
WoodJean Wood – My beautiful Mum
WoodLilian Wood – God Bless
WoodMaureen Wood – Maurie
WoodStephen Wood – Steve
WoodSteve Wood
WoodhallCecil Woodhall – Cis
WoodhallMary Woodhall
WoodmanIvy Woodman – Mum
WoodmanPamela Woodman – Pam
WoodvineJoyce Woodvine – Mum
WoodwardBrian Woodward
WooldridgeDeborah Wooldridge – Deb
WoolfordAgnes Marriott Woolford – Molly
WoolfordAndrew Woolford
WoolfordMeirion Woolford
WoolleyCarl Woolley – You are always in our thoughts
WoolleyEdna May (Auntie) Woolley – Auntie
WoolleyGeoff Woolley
WoolleyJohn Levi (Uncle) Woolley – Uncle Jack
WoolleyJohn Woolley
WoolleyMary Woolley
WoottonJoan Wootton
WoottonWilliam  Wootton – Bill
WoottonWilliam Thomas Wootton – Bill
WormstoneKeith Wormstone – Jack
WorrallFrancis James Worrall – Jim
WorrallJack Worrall
WorrallPatricia (Pat) Worrall
WraggLiam Ashley Wragg – Son & Grandson
WrightAlan Wright – A.H.Wright
WrightFrank Wright – Grandad
WrightHeather Wright
WrightJohn Wright – Grandad
WrightJulian & Rachel Wright – Popa & Nanny
WrightLeon Wright – Forever in our hearts
WrightLorna Wright
WrightMuriel Wright – Mu – Miss you Sister
WrightThomas Wright – Sleep tight baby boy we miss you xx
WycherleyJack – Nellie  Wycherley – Mum – Dad
WycherleyRex Webb Wycherley
WynnGeorge William Wynn
WynnJosephine Edith Lilian Wynn – Josie
WynnKevin Wynn – Past President of Wrekin Rotary Club
WytonAlbert Wyton – Wonderful husband, Al
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