Telford Tree of Light

2020 Loved Ones M

MacdonaldAlex Macdonald – Sadly missed
MacdonaldJohn Macdonald – Missed dearly
MacdonaldNancy Macdonald – Dearly missed
MacDonellKathryn MacDonell – Nee McLean
MaceyJames Macey – Jamie – forever in our hearts
MachinDennis Machin – Loving Dad, Grandad & Great Grandad
MachinMarlene Machin – Beloved Mom, Nan & Great Nan
MacKenzieChristine MacKenzie
MackenzieLynda Joan Mackenzie
MacKenzieMai MacKenzie – Mum & Nan. Still miss you xx
MacklestonBrian Mackleston – Still miss you. Always will
MacnabNorrie Macnab – Grandad
MacPhersonAlexander MacPherson
MacPhersonNeil & Annie MacPherson
MacRaeHilda MacRae – Mary
MacRaeMatthew MacRae
MaddocksDoris Maddocks – (Dot)
MaddocksRobert Maddocks – (Bob)
MaddoxFrank & Ellen Maddox
MaddoxGordon Maddox
MaddoxSylvia Maddox
MaddoxWalter Maddox – Watty
MadeleyFrederick Madeley – Granville
MadeleyGwen & John Madeley
MadeleyMichael Madeley
MadeleyVera Madeley
MagnessEdgar  Magness
MagnessElsie Magness
MaguireJimmy Maguire – Dad and husband. Always in our thoughts.
MaguireSue Maguire – Missing You, Ray
MahollandLen Maholland
MahonChristine Mahon – Chris
MahonEdna Mahon
MaidenAnthony Maiden – Scamp
MaidenDave Maiden
MaidenSylvia Maiden
MajorBrian Major – Dad
MaleyJimmy & Amelia Maley – Always in our thoughts
MallardGeorge Mallard
MallardGrace Mallard
MaloneyDavid & Jim Maloney – Dear Brothers
MaloneyJane Maloney – Dear Mother
MalpassMaureen Malpass – Always with you
MalpassSheila Malpass – MOM
MalpassTom Snr. Malpass – DAD
MalvernLilian Malvern
MalvernRichard Malvern
ManderBrian Mander – Dad
ManneringDot Mannering – Mom, Nan & Great Nan
ManneringHal Mannering – Dad & Grandad
ManneringWendy Mannering – Wife & Mom
Mansell Joan Mansell – Auntie
MansellIrene & David Mansell – Mum & Dad
MansellJohn Mansell – Remembed always
MansellLeslie Mansell – Miss You More and More (Lesum). Wife Carol
MansellMaria Mansell – Every year gets harder without you, will always love you to the moon & back
MansellMaria Mansell – Wishing you were here. Missing you always love Mother Vera Dinky Jade & Aaron xx
MansellPeter Mansell – Husband, Dad, Grandad & Great Grandad
MansfieldBob & Vera Mansfield – Mum & Dad
MantleGeraldine Mantle – Mom love from Amanda,Kevin and Katie xx
MappTerry Mapp
MarchantPeter Marchant – Brother
MarchantRichard Marchant – Dad – You’re always in our thoughts
MariesDorothy Maries – Thinking of you Mom you made Christmas so fab for us all.Love you x
MariesLloyd Maries – Thinking of you Dad shining like the star you are. Love you x
MarkusBela Markus
MarmionSally Marmion – Atcherley-Symes
MarshJohn Marsh – Dad & Grandad
MarshSandra Anne Marsh
MarshSheila Marsh – Mom & Nan
MarshTim & Edna Marsh
MarshallBrian Marshall
MarshallGeoff Marshall – Always remembered
MarshallJames Marshall
MarshallJemma Mary Marshall
MarshallJoan Marshall
MarshallMichael Marshall
Marshal-RobertsBella Marshal-Roberts
MartinBert Martin – A great Dad
MartinDenzil Martin – Denz
MartinFloss Martin – A stay-at-home Mum
MartinGeorge Martin – Dad, Grandad
MartinGeorge Martin – Husband 
MartinJames Martin
MartinJoan & Billy Martin – Mom & Dad, Nan & Grandad
MartinJoan Martin
MartinJoan Martin – Alice
MartinJohn Martin – Walter
MartinJoseph Martin – Jo
MartinMary Martin – Sister
MartinRobert Martin – Rob
MartinWilliam Martin – Barry
MasefieldMick Masefield – Dad
MasonBetty Mason
MasonCharles Mason – DAD
MasonFred Mason
MasonHarry Mason – Harry
MasonLily Mason – MOM
MasonLinda Mason – (Radford)
MasonNancy Mason – Nancy
MasonStella Mason – Mum & Gran
MasonTom Mason – Uncle Tom
MasseyBert & Louisa Massey – Dad & Mum
MasseyDenis & Iris Massey
MasseyElsie Massey – Aunty
MasseySimon Massey – Son/Bro
MastermanAlice & Harry Masterman – Mum & Dad
MatthewsGeorge & Margaret Matthews
MatthewsSandra Matthews – San
MaughanCharles Maughan
MaughanJessie Maughan
MawerMary Mawer – Mum & Gran
MawerRoy Mawer – Dad & Grandad
MaxwellSusan Mary Maxwell – Nee Morris
MayMarjorie May
MayMaurice May – Mo
MaybinJean & Jim Maybin – Much Loved, Greatly Missed
MayerFrederick Mayer – Always in our hearts love you always
MayesJane Mayes
MayhewDennis Mayhew – Dad, Grandad Greatly missed
MayhewDennis Mayhew – Dad, Grandad, greatly missed
MayhewDesmond Mayhew – Des
MayhewJune Mayhew
McAndrewAnthony McAndrew
McAndrewGerry McAndrew
McAndrewJames McAndrew
McAndrewJohn McAndrew
McAndrewPadraig McAndrew
McAndrewPeter McAndrew
McAndrewVincent McAndrew
McCallinEdward & Joan McCallin – Pops & Mum
McCarthyGladys McCarthy
McCarthyJohn McCarthy – Dad
McCartneyRita McCartney
McCollumBiddy McCollum
McCollumJoan McCollum
McCollumTom McCollum
McCollumTommy McCollum
McconnellKimberley Mcconnell – Missed so much mum and nanny
McConnell (nee Smith)Kim McConnell (nee Smith) – Much loved Sister & Aunty xxx
McCormickDorothy McCormick
McCormickGlynn McCormick – Miss you so much
McCormickStanley McCormick – A great Uncle
McCormickTerence McCormick – “Terry” loving Husband, Dad and Grandad, we miss you
McCormickVera & Mervin McCormick – Love you both dearly
McCrackenAlan McCracken
McDonaghDorothy McDonagh – Ma
McDonellIrene McDonell – Partner
McDowellLinda McDowell –  Mum Miss you so much
McDowellThomas McDowell – Brother Miss you so much
McGladderyWilliam McGladdery – Bill
McGlynnFrancis McGlynn – Frank
McGlynnGilly McGlynn
McGlynnMargaret McGlynn – Glenice
McGowanEdwin McGowan – We are always missing you Dad
McGowanIcylyn McGowan – Life is not the same without you around
McGowanJason McGowan – Your mum misses you so much
McGowanSonya McGowan – Your little boy and all your family are missing you
McGregorBob McGregor – Friend
McIverMargaret McIver – Mum & Nan
McKeeHazel  McKee – Mom of Anna
McKeeHazel  McKee – Mom of Sammy
McKeeSam McKee – Dad of Anna
McKeeSam McKee – Dad of Sammy
McKennaCoral McKenna
McKenzieGeorgia McKenzie – Daughter,Sister,Grandaughter
McKinnellConnie  McKinnell – Mother 
McKinnellGeorge McKinnell – Father
McMasterMaggie McMaster – Sis
McMillanTom McMillan
McMurtrieBill McMurtrie – Much Loved
McMurtrieWilliam P McMurtrie – Lt. Col.
McNamaraDoreen McNamara – Molly
McNamaraEsme & Joe McNamara – Stevenage
McNamaraJames McNamara – Jim
McNaughton FamilyScotland McNaughton Family
McPartlandMary & Bernard McPartland – Mum & Dad
McPartlandSharon McPartland – Shaz
MeadAlice Mead – Mom & Nan
MeadJohn Mead – Dad & Grandad
MearsIngrid Mears
MearsJohn Mears
MedlicottMuriel & Leonard Medlicott
MeesonEdgar Meeson
MeliaRay Melia – Much Missed Brother and Uncle
MellerHubert Meller – Love always your loving wife Carol and your 3 daughters Donna, Gemma and Kelly also your 5 grandchildren xxx
MellinshipClaire Mellinship – Loving Daughter
MellorAudrey Mellor
MellorReginald Mellor – Reg
MeniceJoan Menice
MeredithDavid William Meredith – We Love & Miss You
MeredithLorraine Meredith – Loving Mum, Daughter and Sister
MeredithMary Meredith
MeredithPauline Meredith
MerringtonAlice Merrington
MerringtonBernard & Eva Merrington
MerringtonGladys & Ken Merrington
MerringtonGordon Merrington – Husband
MerringtonMargery Merrington – Mum
MerringtonWilliam Merrington – Bill, Dad & Grandad Bill
MerryJean Merry – Just like a mum to us
MethvenDavid Methven – Jock
MethvenElsie  Methven – Molly
Methven-JohnsonAllan Methven-Johnson
Methven-JohnsonDuncan Methven-Johnson
MeyrickKevin Meyrick – Brother & Friend
MichaelNorah & Harold (Mick) Michael
MiddleBarbara & George Middle
MiddleGeorge & Vi Middle
MiddleJohn Middle – I miss you X
MiddleVi & George Middle – Dear Parents & Grandparents
MilesMalcolm Miles – Malc
MilesMichael Miles
MilesPeter Miles – Husband
MillarAgnes Millar – Nan
MillarJohn Millar – John
MillarThomas Millar
MillingtonDavid Millington
MillsKeith Mills – Dad, Love you
MillsLucy Mills
MillsRocky Mills – Miss you
MillsSuzie Mills
MilnerAlan Milner
MinardsGareth Minards – Husband, Dad and Grandad with all our love.
MinardsGareth Minards – Son
MinardsJohn Minards – Husband
MinshallBeatrice Minshall – Mum,Nan,Great Nan, We will always love you xx
MintonRhoda Minton – Mum
MintonRichard Minton – Dad
MitchellArthur Noel Mitchell – Noel
MitchellCelia Anne Mitchell
MitchellFred & Mona Mitchell
MitchellMark Peter Mitchell
MitchellRoger Mitchell
MittonDerek & Patricia Together Again Mitton
MittonEdith  Mitton – Dearest Mum 
MittonWalter  Mitton – Bill. DAD
MobberleyJames Mobberley – Father
MobberleyJoyce Mobberley – Mother
MoirJoseph William Moir – Bill, with love at Cristmas x
MolineauxThomas Molineaux – Tom
MolloyDesmond Molloy – Des
MolloyNicola Molloy – Nicky
Molyneux MrsAnn & Melvin Molyneux Mrs
MonaghanMichael Monaghan
MooreArthur   Moore
MooreDennis Moore – JD
MooreFlorence Moore – Flo
MooreFlorence Moore – Fluff
MooreGeorge Moore
MooreGordon Moore – Always remembered Pops & Tiggy, Grandad
MooreJohn Moore – Jack
MooreMargaret Moore
MooreMarjorie Moore
MooreMegan Moore
MooreRob Moore – In our hearts for entirety
MooreWillard Moore
MoorhouseBetty Moorhouse
MoorhouseJames Moorhouse – Jim
MoretonDonald Moreton – Don
MorganAlan Morgan – Loving Memory of Much Loved Husband, Grandad & Great Grandad
MorganAnnie May Morgan – Ann
MorganArthur George Morgan
MorganArthur Morgan – Dad & Grandpa
MorganAshley Morgan – Dad & Grandad
MorganBetty & Mick Morgan
MorganCharles Morgan – Father, Grandad
MorganEdith Bronwen  Morgan – Edith
MorganFrank & Dorothy Morgan
MorganFred Morgan – Dad, Grampy
MorganGladys Morgan – Mom & Nan
MorganKathleen Morgan – Mother, Gran
MorganShadow Morgan – Shadow
MorganWilliam James (Billy) Morgan – We will always love & miss you
MorozDarran Moroz – Fantastic brother
MorozLinda Moroz – Beautiful mom
MorozSpigg Moroz – Brilliant dad
MorrellLucky Morrell
MorreyAnn Morrey – Forever in our hearts
MorreyEden-John Morrey
MorreyTallulah-Jane Morrey
MorrisAlbert Morris – Bert
MorrisBernard & Janet Morris
MorrisCharles Morris – Charlie
MorrisCis Morris – Dad, Grandad & Great Grandad
MorrisDennis Morris
MorrisDora   Morris – Mom, Nan & Great Nan
MorrisFreda Morris
MorrisGeorge Ernest Morris – Gem
MorrisHarriet Morris – Tal
MorrisJanet Morris
MorrisKathleen Morris – Molly
MorrisKen Morris – A Dear and Missed Dad & Grandad
MorrisLilian Morris – Mom & Grandma
MorrisLillian Morris – Dearly loved, Sadly missed
MorrisMary Elen Morris – A Dear and sadly Missed Mom & Nan
MorrisMuriel Morris – Mu
MorrisNicola Morris – Love you always my dear wife
MorrisNicola Morris – Loved & Missed always. Your loved ones.
MorrisPhilip Morris – Sharky
MorrisPhillip Morris
MorrisReginald Morris – Such a gentle man, much loved
MorrisRoy Morris
MorrisSydney Morris – Syd
MorrisWendy Morris
MorrisWilliam & Elsie Morris – Bill & Elsie
Morris-RobertsHugh & Evelyn Morris-Roberts – Dad & Mum
MortonFrank  Morton
MortonMildred Morton
MortonSally Ann Morton – Mom, Sister,Daughter
MoscropPatrick Moscrop – Pat
MottershawKenneth Mottershaw – Ken
MottramDennis Mottram
MottramElsie Mottram
MountfordDennis Mountford – Den – Husband
MountfordDennis Mountford – Grandad & Great Grandad
MountfordNorman Mountford
MuirOlwen Muir – Ollie,Beloved Mom,Grandma,Gt.Grandma
MuirWilliam Robb Muir – Jock,Beloved Dad,Grandad,Gt.Grandad
MulliganBarbara Mulligan – Mom
MulliganJane Mulligan – Sister, miss you so much
MulliganMichael Mulligan – Son, forever in our hearts
MullinderEve Mullinder – Heart of Gold
MumfordAda Mumford – Together Forever
MumfordAlf Mumford – Elf
MumfordJoan & Les Mumford – Mum & Dad
MunnerleyJudith Munnerley – Dear Mum
MurphyBetty Murphy
MurphyGerald Murphy
MurphyMary Murphy
MurphyPatrick Murphy – Will never be forgotton Louises Family
MurphySandra (nee Inions) Murphy – I will always love you
MurrayJohn Nottage Murray
MurrayKathleen Alice Murray
MurrayKathleen Mary Murray
MurrayKathleen Murray
MurrayMichael Murray
MusgraveStanley & Margery Musgrave – Forever in our Thoughts
MusgroveAllan & Joyce Musgrove – Dad & Mom
MusgroveVic & Betty Musgrove – Dad & Mom
MyattFredrick Myatt – Fred
MyattMuriel Myatt – Moon
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