Telford Tree of Light

2020 Loved Ones I

IlsleyAlbert Ilsley – Forever In My Heart
IlsleyLesley Ilsley – Your Always Babe
InceDavid Ince
InchElizabeth Inch – Liz
InghamClaude & Jennie Ingham – Much loved and missed Mum and Dad.
IngramMary Ingram
InionsGordon Inions – Loved & Remembered Always
InionsPhilip Inions – I will always love you
InsallJack & Molly Insall – Loved by all the family
InsoleColin & Brenda Insole
InwoodMaud & Peter Inwood – Always in our thoughts
IrelandJoan Ireland – Granny
IrelandJoan Ireland – Mother in law
IrelandSimon Ireland – Dad
IrelandSimon Ireland – Husband
IsaacsHarry Isaacs
IsaacsJenny Isaacs
IvePeggy Ive
IveRonald Ive
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