Telford Tree of Light

2020 Loved Ones G

GallierDavid Gallier – Dave
GallierJayne Gallier
GallowayJim Galloway – Still miss you every day
GampfJulian Gampf – Godfather XXX
GarbettMichael Garbett – Mikey
GarbettTed Garbett
GardnerEvelyn Gardner
GardnerHilda Gardner
GardnerJohn Gardner
GardnerRobert Gardner – Bob
GardnerRobert Gardner – Bob
GarsideJohn Garside
GarsideJohn Kirkland Garside – John
GarsideOliver Garside
GastonChristopher Gaston – Chris
GaterAlison Gater – Wife & Mother
GaterAnn Gater – Daughter & Sister
GaughanMartin & Margaret Gaughan
GauldFredrick Gauld
GauldIrene Gauld
GautDoris  Gaut
GautJames  Gaut – Jim
GautJan Gaut
GaymerDavid Gaymer – with love from Maureen and family
GearsIan Gears
GellatlyBrenda Gellatly
GeorgiouTony Georgiou – Uncle
GernonTony Gernon
GetkahnErwin Getkahn
GetkahnMargaret Getkahn
GetkahnRichard Getkahn
GibbinsBrenda Gibbins – Mother ,love Stephen, Amanda and the boys xx
GibbonsAlbert Gibbons
GibbonsPaul Gibbons – Gibbo gone but never forgotten
GibbonsRose Elizabeth Gibbons
GibbonsSharon Gibbons – Shaz, love you to the moon and back, Sal & Paul xxx
GiblinMarguerite Jean Giblin – Mom
GiblinThomas Bernard Giblin – Dad
GibsonClaire Gibson – Precious daughter and devoted mum to Callum
GilesDoris Giles – Mom
GilesGraham & Cynthia Giles – Always in our hearts
GillLouisa Gill – Louie
GillSandra Gill
GillespieMarjorie Gillespie
GittensGeoffrey Gittens
GittensOlive Gittens
GittinsCath Gittins – Sadly Missed, Love Chris, John and Laura.
GlazeRonald Glaze
GlazeSteven Glaze
GlazeSteven Glaze
GleaveOlive & Noel Gleave – Mum & Dad
GleesonThomas & Kathleen Gleeson
GodbertAlbert Edward Godbert – Dad
GodbertWinifred Margaret Godbert – Mum
GoddingMaggie Godding
GoddingSue Godding
GodmanCharles & Margot Godman
GoffinJohn Goffin – Dad forever remembered, Never forgot
GoldringJeanette Goldring – Nanny,Mum,Poppett,Wife,Gt. Nanny
GollingPat Golling
GollingRob Golling
GollingsRuby Gollings – Mum
GoochEdie Gooch – Mum
GoochErnie Gooch – Dad
GoodallJohn & Lilian Goodall – Grandad & Nan
GoodallRaymond Goodall – Uncle
GoodeChristopher Goode – 3rd Xmas without you, still miss you loads.
GoodeGladys & Stan Goode – Mom & Dad
GoodeJohn Richard Goode – Jack
GoodeViolet Elizabeth Goode
GoodwinNorma Goodwin
GooseNigel Goose – Now at Peace
GosneyRoy Gosney – Grandad/Great Grandad
GoughAnnie Gough – Bod
GoughBernice Gough
GoughCherry Gough – Sister
GoughJeanette Gough
GoughJoe Gough – tiny
GoughLaurence Gough – Uncle Never Forgotten
GoughMorris Gough – A much loved Husband
GoughPeter John Gough – Missed every day love Deb and Charlie
GoughPeter John Gough – Missed every day love Deb and Charlie
GoughPhyllis Joan Gough – “PJG”
GoughRobert Gough
GouldDavid Mark Gould
GouldGeoffrey Gould – Dad
GouldHarry Gould
GouldMarjorie Gould – Mom
GouldingAndrew Goulding
GouldingJenny Goulding – Coddles
GouldingJimmy Goulding
GouldingPeter Goulding
GoultyJohn Victor Goulty – Brother
GoultyOlive Agnes Goulty – Mom
GoultyVictor Thomas Goulty – Dad
GrahamAlexander Graham – Jock
GrahamEvans Graham – The little butcher
GrahamJack and Doreen Graham – Much loved Mum, Dad, Grandma & Grandad
GrahamOlive Graham
GraingerColin Grainger – Dad missed for 43 years
GrantAnn Grant – Mum
GrantStuart Grant – Dad
GrassDot Grass – Mom, Nan & Great Nan
GrassJohn Grass – Dad, Grandad & Great Grandad
GrayPeter Robert Gray
GreatbatchThomas George – Dad, Tom Greatbatch – Dad, Love & miss you, Margaret X
GreenAllen Green
GreenElsie Green
GreenEve Green
GreenFrances & Bill Green – Loved & missed Mum & Dad
GreenHerbert Green –  
GreenJack Green
GreenMalcolm Green
GreenMalcolm Green
GreenPam Green
GreenPauline Green – Always remembered with love
GreenSheilah Green
GreenStan & Joan Green – Grandpa & Nannan
GreenTimothy Green – Tim
GreenWalter & Lily Green
GreenbrookRalph Greenbrook
GreenwoodFlorence Greenwood – Floss.    Both
GreenwoodGeorge Greenwood –                 Missed
GreerEileen Greer
GreerTyler Greer – My wee Tyler
GregoryDavid Gregory – Miss You
GregoryGeorge (Dad) Gregory – Thinking of you
GregoryViolet (Mum) Gregory – Thinking of you
GregoryWilliam & Doris Gregory – Bill & Dolly
GregsonEva-Maria Lilli & Albert Gregson
GreyNick Grey
GriceBrian Grice
GriceJames Grice – Jim
GriceMargaret Grice
GriceMichelle Grice – Shell
GriceTracy Grice
GriffithsChistine Griffiths – Chris
GriffithsHarry Griffiths
GriffithsJames Griffiths – Jim
GriffithsJohn & David Griffiths – Brothers – together again xx
GriffithsJohn Griffiths – Dad – we love you and miss you so much xx
GriffithsJohn Griffiths – Thinking of you always xx
GriffithsMichael John Griffiths – Much loved Husband and Dad
GriffithsTed & Mary Griffiths – Dad & Mum
GriffithsTimothy Griffiths – Tim
GriffithsWilliam Griffiths
GriffithsWinifred Griffiths
GriffthsBarbara & Joe Griffths – Loved Grandma & Grandad
GriffthsDavid Griffths – Brother
GriptonJean Gripton
GroucottJohn F Groucott – Much Loved Husband Dad Grandpa Gt Grandpa
GroucottMarion Groucott
GrowcottAndrew Growcott – Andy loved and missed Husband, Dad and Grandad xx
GrowcottDolly Growcott – Aunty dolly
GrubertPaul Grubert
GrzywaczJanet Grzywacz – Dear Friend & Soulmate
GuestAlice Guest
GuestHerbert Guest
GuestJune Guest – Wife
GuestLen Guest
GulliverBetty and Jack Gulliver
GunbyKathleen Lynn Gunby – Kathy
GunbyTanya Gunby – Tatjana
GuyAlfred John Guy
GuyAnn Guy
GuyAnnie & George Guy – Mom & Dad
GuyBen & Muriel Guy
GuyBen Guy – Uncle
GuyBertha & Cyril Guy – Sister & Brother in Law
GuyJohn Guy – Brother
GuyJoseph Clifford Guy
GuyNorman Hubert Guy
GwatkinMatthew Gwatkin
GwatkinPatrick Gwatkin – Pat
GwiltRay Gwilt – Darkie-Dad
GwiltVera Gwilt – Mum
GwytherEthel Gwyther – Fondly remembered
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