Telford Tree of Light 2019

Thanks from Lingen-Davies Cancer Fund

Blood Bike News

SPIRIT OF ROTARY IN ACTION  - The Blood Bike wholly funded by the four Rotary Clubs of Telford and the Wrekin from money raised through the Tree of Light appeal in 2017 has been in action. The bike named "Spirit of Rotary" has been used by the charity Blood Bike.

The charity provides a vital service to the NHS transporting blood samples and supplies to and from Hospitals across the region Sonia Roberts speaking on behalf of the Rotary Club of Telford Central said about the 12 month’s operational figures "..When you view the figures, you will see just what a wonderful gift you have given our community. Spirit is making such a big difference to folk and, I’ve no doubt, helping to save lives.."

The four Rotary Clubs who came together to fund this very high value item are delighted to see how well used the bike is being used. Readers are encouraged to do some 'blood bike spotting' by keeping an eye out when we are on our travels and reporting sightings back to the Facebook accounts of the four Clubs - Wellington, The Wrekin, Ironbridge and Telford Centre.